Fascinated by Architecture

An homage to an unknown architect


Living in an urban environment and at the same time having an urge to photograph, I have discovered that it´s important to look up. You know, in the daily humdrum most of us will have a tendency not to see what is above eye level around us. On a grey, rainy morning with buses, cars and umbrella-people everywhere, it´s so easy, almost inevitable, to forget about the little wonders around us.

So I look up - and in the city I see mostly architecture. And I realise that there´s a gift there for everyone to have and behold for free. There are people around who have devoted themselves to give (there´s probably also money involved :smile:)every individual in the crowd passing by an experience.

And what a variety of things to see. From centuries old architectural styles with gargoyles and fine details on the delicately embellished buildings in the inner city - to the modern glass-and-steel erections on the outskirts of town.


Like in the above case with an interesting combination of steel, glass and wood. I have fallen in love with the juxtapositional lines and textures in this building, of which I show only a tiny fragment.

I´d like to thank the anonymous guy who sat at his desk ten years ago and anticipated me passing by this day on my way to work. He actually made the photo - I just applied the frame.