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Welcome to this collection of photography-related stuff.

My name is Allan, and I am a semi-professional and full-time amateur photographer living in Denmark.

I have loved making photographs as long as I can remember. I have enjoyed it for such a long time and have experienced so much quality time together with cameras and photos, that I feel the urge to share my passion with you. All photos and articles on this site are made by me. They are made for your pleasure and inspiration, and for that purpose you are free to explore and enjoy.

Oh, and I´d better mention that English is not my native language - so you just may encounter a linguistic blunder here and there. You can do two things if you should stumble upon one of those - either you can leave it as it is, shake your head and forgive me, or you can email me with a correction. Either way works fine with me. 

If you want to know more about my humble self, you can see a selection of my photos in my album or you can visit my weblog. You´ll find the links top right on this page.

Photos and essays are copyrighted, and can be used only with my permission. 



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