Guohui Wang

pronounce as [GWə-hway Wong]

Facebook, Network Systems
1601 Willow Rd,
Menlo Park, CA
Email: "ricewgh AT gmail"

Guohui Wang is an engineer at Facebook where he has been working on Facebook's mobile platforms, and back-end networking infrastructure. Before joining Facebook, Guohui was a research staff member in IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. At IBM Research, his research was focused on new network architectures, network virtualization and management in data centers with an emphasis on software defined networking. Guohui got his Ph.D. from Rice University in 2011, where his advisor was Prof. T. S. Eugene Ng

Recent Publications: (Full List, Google Scholar)
Ongoing Projects:
  • SDN at Facebook: Open Computer Networking;
  • Virtual network diagnosis as a service;
  • Meridian: An SDN platform for cloud network services;
  • Workload optimized networking for big data applications;
  • CloudConnect: Hybrid electrical/optical data center network;
  • Networking performance in virtualized data centers;