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OpenSong is software for presenting lyrics, bible verses and printing chord sheets

Here are some utilities I have written for this program. Some are no longer maintained, but please feel free to take them and modify them if required. Use at your own risk.

BibleGateway/CrossWalk Bible Import (Download v2.1 - 22nd January 2008)

NOTE: It appears that now have some form of 'Unusual behaviour' check in place on their website which sometimes stops the script working. Nothing I can do about this, but the script does allow you to restart at a particular book, so you can merge XML files together later.

A VBScript to download files into OpenSong XML format from the or Crosswalk websites.
The copyright of most Bibles have a reasonable use clause allowing you to display verses of your own Bible in your Church, and this script will help with this by allowing you to import your Bible into OpenSong. However always check the copyright information on the relevant website before downloading and consider donating to them. If you or your Church don't own a particular version of a copyrighted Bible, then please don't download it. 

Note: Be sure to select 'OpenSong' from the drop down list of formats, as the default is for

Songs of Fellowship Import (Download v1.3 - 21st January 2008)

A VBScript which loads the Songs of Fellowship Word file (which comes with the music books) and creates individual OpenSong XML song files. Note that manual editing will be required, since some songs in the Songs of Fellowship file are not formatted in a manner that is easy to process programmatically, however the script makes some attempt at repair. Also attempts to create a suitable presentation order.
It is a bit slow, it can take up to an hour to load the songs for all 4 books.
Files are output into the folder: My Documents\OpenSong\Songs\SOF

Requires Microsoft Office Word.

Note: Be sure to select 'OpenSong' from the drop down list of formats, as the default is for

SongPro Song Import (Download 1.0 - 20th August 2008)

** EXPERIMENTAL** (I only have the evaluation version to work from, not the commercial version)

A VBScript which exports the songs from SongPro format and outputs them in OpenSong XML format.

The program will prompt for a SongPro database (e.g. SongsV4.sdb in the SongPro Program Files folder)

Files are output into the folder: My Documents\OpenSong\Songs\SongPro

Note: Be sure to select 'OpenSong' from the drop down list of formats, as the default is for


PowerPoint Import (Download v1.2 - 30th November 2007)

A VBScript which imports the text from all PowerPoint files in a directory into OpenSong XML files.
Files are created in My Documents\OpenSong\Songs\PPT.

Note, this is tailored around the format of the PowerPoint files for my Church, so the script may need tweaking for your own files.

Requires Microsoft Powerpoint.

Note: Be sure to choose OpenSong format, as the default is for

Usage Reporting (Download 1.0 - 5th December 2007)

A VBScript which prompts for the OpenSong Set directory (usually My Documents\OpenSong\Sets),  and then processes each set in that directory. Creates a CSV file listing all songs used.


PowerPoint Macro for converting a single PowerPoint file to OpenSong format. 


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