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Miscellaneous  GPL'd programs and utilities I have written

A useful MySQL quick reference / cheat sheet (pdf)

 My openlp.org utilities

 My OpenSong utilities

MPF clipart extract - Extracts clipart from MPF files, like those which come from the Microsoft Office Clipart site. Just double click on the vbs file to run it. If there is no default program for .MPF files, it will register itself to automatically open them. Files will be extracted into the My Pictures\My Clipart folder,  overwriting anything that may already be there with the same name. 
(Note you can only download clipart from the Microsoft site if you own a license to one of their Office products.)

googleuk.xml - A Gadget for displaying the Google UK search box on a personalized homepage

PowerSong  - A Windows PowerPoint presenter application for PowerPoint 2000/2003 (not tested on other versions). PowerPoint 2003 has a presenter view which allows the operator to preview the next/previous slides. No such ability exists in older versions of PowerPoint, so this is a front end which offers this feature.  It isn't fantastic, but it made life a little easier for our cash strapped Church.

  • Previews previous and next slides, user can use mouse to skip backwards/forwards multiple slides
  • Allows user to open multiple PPT files
  • Can index and search the text of PPT files beneath PowerSong's "Start in folder"
  • As it was written for a Church, it also features a Bible import and verse search.  (Import may be broken)
  • Remembers which monitor to output to. (Older versions of PowerPoint always default to the primary monitor)
  • REQUIREMENTS: Windows 98 or later. PowerPoint 2000 or later. (97 may work, but this has not been tested).  MDAC_TYP.EXE and msxml4.dll may also be required. (VB6 Source Code)

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