ichard Bolden is Professor of Leadership and Management and Director of the Bristol Leadership and Change Centre at the University of the West of England. Prior to this he worked for over 10 years at the University of Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies where he taught and supervised students on a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, executive and doctoral leadership programmes. His research interests include distributed leadership; systems leadership, complexity and change; leadership in higher education; worldly leadership; and leadership development evaluation. He has published extensively and is Associate Editor of the journal Leadership (Sage).

Bristol Leadership Centre

Leadership and Change

Routledge, 2016
This book argues that a key to understanding and enhancing leadership education, theory and practice lies in the recognition of its paradoxical tendencies.  Drawing on the expertise of a diverse team of scholars and practitioners, a number of common leadership paradoxes are explored and how they might be (re)considered as opportunities to be embraced, rather than as problems to be solved. Leadership Paradoxes is a valuable resource for students of leadership at advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-experience level, as well as professionals seeking to improve leadership practice in organisations.

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Oxford University Press, 2011
Leadership is one of the most talked about yet least understood concepts in current business and society. This book explores how theoretical models and views of leadership have evolved over time; how leadership can be investigated from individual, organizational, and societal perspectives; and perennial dilemmas and emerging approaches in Leadership Studies. Positioning its discussion within a multidisciplinary framework that touches on management, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, history, literature, and politics, this book examines and critiques the common assumptions that inform the ways in which leaders and leadership are recognized, rewarded, and developed. It provides a valuable and thought-provoking overview for students and academics interested in leadership and management, practising leaders, leadership development consultants, and policy makers.

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