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Created by Keltie Brown, Kenneth Brown, Daisy Daver, Candice Fiorentino, Corben Kushneryk, Alexander Forsyth and Jon Paterson

Directed by Keltie Brown and Kenneth Brown

Design By Anne Gurney

Prepare to be transported through Passages!
 What is Passages?  Passages is a theatre piece that creates living metaphors for life's passages.  It's not a play, it's a play-full, a room where you'll experience fifty passages by five actors, creating environments as various as the Garden of Eden and the sea-bottom, and characters as various as the animal and human world offers.

We all experience passages in life:  passages through relationships, through challenges, through space and time. We all go on little journeys, and every one of those journeys makes up the Big Journey of our life.  Passages will take you on fifty little journeys that take you along into funny, delightful, poetic, and beautiful places. 

Inspired by the work of Montreal director Jean Pierre Ronfard, whose work influenced some of the founding members of Cirque de Soleil, Passages is a performance based on a series of journeys through a space, all with it's own story to tell. Wild, physical and thought-provoking, Passages creates moments and movements through the element of travel.