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By George F Walker
Directed By Kenneth Brown
Featuring Kenneth Brown, Candice Fiorentino, Lorenzo Damiani, Corey Schmitt, Caley Suliak and Jon Paterson

"Jon Paterson is one of the most intelligent and watchable actors working in Edmonton"
Edmonton Sun

The city is on edge. One of the mayoral candidates has been kidnapped, and murder is a smudgy black odor in the back alleys where corrupt politicians get the luscious and manipulative Scott sisters to do their dirty work for them. The only man who can penetrate the fog of ignorance is a cynical drunk who everyone keeps treating like he’s a star Private Eye… 

If you like your whiskey neat, your dames smart and sexy, and your Private Investigators risky, you’ll love Filthy Rich. 

The comedy in Filthy Rich is smart, dry, and bittersweet. The characters step off the film noir screen and into a world where the only ones who don’t get the jokes are the ones who do the killing.