RibbitRePublic Theatre is available for high-school, college and presenter bookings throughout the year. Water, Letters in Wartime and The Gambling Show are all perfect fits for high-school, with themes that are relevant, topical and educational for students grades 10-12. Best Picture, House and Minding Dad can easily be mounted at any festival or theatre space, and all shows are financially cost-effective.

For more information on our touring productions or to receive a copy of our scripts, please email Jon Paterson at Jon@RibbitRePublic.com


In the one-hour span of this comedy romp, all eighty-six Academy Award winning films are lampooned, from “Wings” to “On the Waterfront” to “Silence of the Lambs.” Even “Schindler’s List” and “12 Years a Slave” must be done to comedic effect. Can it be done? Order up a heaping bucket of hot buttered popcorn, a box of Raisinets the size of a DeLorean, grab a comfy seat, and find out. And live theatre is ALWAYS in 3-D!


Available for high-school and theatre bookings.This powerful award-winning play fits perfectly into the school curriculum, highlighting Canadian and World history and social studies, while presenting live theatre to students.

Letters in Wartime is a "heart wrenching standout" (SEE MAGAZINE) that brings you right into the eye of World War II, from thousand bomber raids to sacrifices made on the homefront, Letters in Wartime is a brilliant exploration of the larger social and individual ramifications of war.


A sweet, bitter, funny new play about loss, redemption, and the lasting power of love. Minding Dad is a "solidly-written drama" (WINNIPEG FREE PRESS) that deals with a son trying to make his father’s life as rich as he can, while watching him gradually fade into the mist of Alzheimer’s.

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