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Written and created by Kenneth Brown, Tyler Girard, Jon Paterson, Mike Sadava and Scott Walters

"As usual, there is enough talent on the stage to blockade Stratford"
Edmonton Sun

Like to gamble? So do thousands of other Albertans. In fact, every adult in this province last year dropped nearly $900 into VLTs, slots, lottery tickets, sports betting, casinos and horse racing. Our amazing propensity to take a chance has inspired ribbitREpublic to create "Bet Your Life – The Gambling Show,"

You'll meet an array characters: the soft-hearted bookie who is only trying to make life better for his family, the granny whose VLT addiction lands in her jail, the young
man who gambles with his life by picking up a hitch-hiker, and an infamous hockey player who dives into a risky sexual encounter.