I'm now with 
BAE Systems (Greater Boston/Burlington, MA) developing computer vision, video analytics, data mining and fusion, and robotics systems for real-world security and defense applications. Since I joined early 2012, I've been taking on different roles and responsibilities: Principal Investigator, Algorithm and Team Lead, Proposal Writer, Software Lead, and Tech Marketing role.  My R&D work has been funded by government agencies including AFRL, ONR, DHS and DARPA. 

My research interests include: (1) Video and Image Understanding, Exploitation and Analytics (Object Detection, Tracking, Feature Extraction, Recognition, Geo/Registration, Multi-camera Activity Pattern Modeling and Recognition, Multi-Sensory Data Fusion, text mining and fusion with video data, Automatic Target Recognition, etc. ), (2) Ground/Aerial/Under-Water Robotics (Assisted Perception, Supervised Tele-Autonomy, Autonomous Navigation), Geo-Localization and Big Data Analytics (Content/Feature Extraction, Topic Modeling, Indexing, Matching) and (4) Machine Learning (Classification and clustering, Pattern Learning, and Deep Learning). 

Work Email: riad[-dot-]hammoud[<@>]baesystems.com / hammoud[<@>]mit.edu

  • Feb 2016: New journal paper in IJCV, Automatic Geolocation Correction of Satellite Imagery, V.116, I.3, pp 263-277
  • June 2016: New paper in IEEE CVPR Workshops, Evaluation of Feature Channels for Correlation-Filter-Based Visual Object Tracking in Infrared Spectrum, pp. 24-32, 2016
  • Serving on the technical program committee of IEEE CVPR 7th international Workshop on Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology, 2016
  • Keynote speaker at Next Generation ISR, San Diego, April 26-27, 2016, topic: aerial surveillance and multi-int data association.
  • Organizer of the 12th IEEE CVPR 12th Int'l workshop on Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum (PBVS'16), Las Vegas, June 2016
  • Guest Editorial, Int'l Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), Special Issue on Large-Scale Visual Media Geo-Localization, Feb 2016
  • Area & Session Chair, IEEE WACV'2016, March 7-9, 2016, Lake Placid, NY
  • Technical program committee member of IEEE AVSS 2016
  • Technical program committee member of 2016 29th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images
  • New paper - A Comparison of Stereo and Multiview 3D Reconstruction Using Cross-sensor Satellite Imagery, CVPR, 2015
  • Accepted paper to appear in Int'l Journal of Computer Vision, July 2015   
  • Program Chair,  IEEE CVPR Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum, Boston, 6-11-2015
  • Guest lecture at Boston University's School of Computer Science, 04-30-2015

  • Guest Editor, Special Issue of IJCV on Media Geo-Localization 
  • Program Chair of the 10th IEEE CVPR Workshop on Beyond the Visible Spectrum (PBVS'2014)
       hammoud [@] csail.mit.edu 

  • Guest lecture at MIT, CSAIL, PPAT (Prof. Seth Teller) on November 04, 2013
  • Published a special Issue of CVIU Journal, December 2013
  • Invited seminar at Boston University, IVC group, November 01, 2012   

Biography (2010)
Dr. Riad I. Hammoud is a research scientist, author, accomplished entrepreneur, futurist and advisor. He is currently a senior principal computer vision research scientist and project technical leader at DynaVox Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Between Jan 2003 and April 2009 he was a research scientist at the World Headquarters of Electronics & Safety Division of Delphi Automotive Systems (Kokomo, Indiana, USA), working on safety, human-machine interaction, and security systems for automotive and surveillance.

He is the architect of the core algorithms of several active safety and security products of Delphi Electronics & Safety, including Driver Fatigue Monitoring, Driver Distraction Alert, Face Biometrics for Driver Identification and Electronic Sentry for Surveillance. He was a major and key contributor to the NHTSA & Volpe sponsored program SAfety VEhicle(s) using adaptive Interface Technology (SAVE-IT), and to the Delphi Information, Convenience and Protection  (ICP) Concept Vehicle demonstrated at CES 2008.

 Since February 2001, he holds a PhD degree in "Computer Vision and Robotics" from INRIA Rhone-Alpes (Grenoble), and a MS degree in "Control of Systems" from Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France. After his PhD, he launched a startup company on the campus of Grenoble on ``Interactive Video Technology''. Around mid 2001, he moved to USA and joined Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (EEC dept., Troy, New York) and Indiana University (CS dept., Bloomington, Indiana) as visiting and postdoctoral fellow.
His research interests include augmented vision and reality, assistive technologies, infrared systems, eye/gaze tracking, attentive displays, vision algorithms for automotive applications, security systems for vehicles, pattern recognition, biometrics, active safety systems, driver fatigue, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, Human Machine Interaction and data fusion. His research is performed under confidential terms and has been funded by Alcatel Alsthom Research, INRIA, Honda, Volvo, US Air Force, Indiana University, Delphi E&S and US Navy.

He holds eight patents, and over dozen patents pending and trade secrets. He published over 50 referred publications in journals, conferences, books and workshops.

In 2009 Dr. Riad I. Hammoud (with/ Prof Larry B. Wolff) founded a new Springer book series on Augmented Vision & Reality. He authored four Springer-Verlag edited books in the past few years:
Dr. Riad I. Hammoud has been organizing and chairing several IEEE, SPIE, SAE and ACM International workshops and conference tracks. He is the founder of the IEEE workshop series on vision perception Beyond The Visible Spectrum  (IEEE OTCBVS). He organized several special conference tracks including two special tracks of the 2008 SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition, on "Autonomous/Robotics Vehicles" and "Drowsiness and Dristraction Monitoring & Measurability". He served as chair of the "Non-Visual Imagery" track of IEEE Advanced Video and Signal Surveillance (AVSS 2008).  He is the Computer Vision area co-chair at Int'l Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'2010).
He is been serving on the technical program committee of several journals and conferences in computer vision, intelligent transportation, human computer interaction, robotics and related areas including IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conferences (CVPR2010, ECCV2010), IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IET ITS,  Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, International Journal of Computer Vision, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, International Journal of Optomechatronics (2008), and Signal Processing Journal (2008).
He was appointed in 2004 as guest editor of a special issue of Springer International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV),
and in 2005 as guest editor of a special issue of Elsevier Computer Vision and Image Understanding Journal (CVIU).
  He is involved [the sources] in the SPIE Defense and Security Newsroom
  In the past few years, he gave numerous public speeches including invited talks at the Houston University, Texas (Video technologies on the move) on March 2006, and at the Society Automotive Engineers (SAE), on Nov 1st, 2005.
In May 2005, Dr. Riad I. Hammoud was nominated by US government as an outstanding researcher/professor. In 2009, he was offered an Associate Professor Position at the university of KUSTAR (Abu Dhabi Campus).
He received numerous awards from the vision community and Delphi Corporation including the "Delphi best technical publicity/paper award" in 2005/2006.