I am Head, Agronomy and Agricultural Machinery at INRA-Morocco. Prior to this I was Regional Centre for Agronomic Research of Meknes, Head, Department of Environment and Natural Resources of INRA-Morocco, Head of Agronomy and Plant physiology Research Unit in Meknes, Regional Center of INRA-Morocco, and researcher in the same Centre from September 1992 to September 2007. I received my Ph.D. degree in environmental sciences from Liege University (Belgium) and my Diploma of Agronomy Engineer from Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (Morocco). I am specialized in crop forecasting and monitoring and, in climate change impacts on agriculture. I coordinated many international and national research projects in the field of climate change, crop forecasting and conservation agriculture. I have been awarded the medal of merit from FAO during World Food Day, October 2008. I am associated researcher at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies and member of the Moroccan Association of Agro-economy and the International Society for Agricultural Meteorology.

Coordination of projects


Ph. D.

Liège University, Arlon-Belgium, 2006. Wheat grain yield forecasting models for food security in Morocco (Ph.D. in environmental sciences).

M. Sc.

Fondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise, Arlon-Belgium, 2000. Soil water monitoring for wheat in a semi arid area of Morocco:  Calibration and use of the "SOIL" model. (Diploma in environmental sciences)Mémoire DEA

M. Sc.

Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary medicine, Rabat-Morocco, 1991. Scientific information transfer models to users. Case of the cereal intensification in Abda-Ahmar (Morocco). (Diploma of agronomy engineer).


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   (English version) 
   (French version)

            Book chapters

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            Carte aptitude des terres_ADA_FIDA_Riad Balaghi.odp

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            • Moroccan Association of Agro-economy (AMAECO)
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            • International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (
            • Membre of the scientific committe of the COP22

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