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Here's some useful free software I use, which you may find handy...


Blender - Fantastic open source 3D rendering tool called er... Blender? Easy to use (if, and only if you read tutorials) and very effective! Check out Steamed Rice for some of my creations, or see the Blender site for some truly amazing artwork samples!

Bible Study

I use three different tools for bible study, each has it's own strengths and weaknesses, so... I use all 3! I reccommend you get all of them if you can, if not, just get e-Sword.

e-Sword - My main bible study software, has dozens of translations, commentaries and dictionaries, in a nice interface. NIV and The Message translations are available, but you can't find them online. You need to ask your friends ;) This is good for studying the original Greek, however I haven't found a Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers as yet.

The Sword Project - Very good bible study software, with dozens of translations, commentaries and dictionaries. The interface is not as nice as e-Sword, but I still highly reccommend it. You can also get awesome translation dictionaries for Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and so on, which are invaluble. I haven't been able to find any NIV translation so far :(

Interlinear Scripture Analyzer - This tool has a very nice interface and is AWESOME (the BEST, in my opinion) for studying the Bible in it's original languages (Hebrew and Greek). It's very easy to use, and links into Strongs dictionary easily. Very very very VERY good. If you want to dive deep into the Word, get it now! This is useless for studying modern translations though, but... er... it was never inteded for that.


Analog X - This guy has heaps of cool gadgets for making music, like virtual "scratch" effects, a vocoder, and so on... all free.

Audacity - Open source high quality sound recording/editing. I never needed anything else. Enough said.

VLC - My media player of choice, open source, free, plays virtually everything excpet "Real" format without the need for any codecs to be installed! Probably a bit too technical for some people.


EverNote - Very nice note taking software, letting you store web clips (you can store a whole web page with pictures, if you like), document clips (from Word, etc), your own hand written notes, ToDo lists, etc etc. The interface is goo-looking and functional, and best of all, it's free. There is a "Plus" version available too, but don't bother, you'll never use the extra features. The free one has all you'll need! I use EverNote to keep track of prayer points, store interesting web articles, and keep brief notes (especially for bible study)


ZipGenius - Free, functional zip software. Supports 20+ formats. No more "WinZip Trial Version day 10,000 of 30" messages :D