"Send me, therefore, a man skilled to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron, and in purple, crimson and blue yarn, and experienced in the art of engraving, to work in Judah and Jerusalem with my skilled craftsmen, whom my father David provided. (2 Chronicles 2:7)

Central Station
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All artwork can be viewed in my Flickr Artwork Set. I also publish my artwork in my blog, Steamed Rice. The Flickr contains some art not published in Steamed Rice :D

Visit My Tools for a list of the software I've used.

Memory Pit By The River Colour Me Winter Bones Raining Street Wish of a Dying Man Soomin 2 Leong Ik Mu Random Chic Soomin Smoldering Building Dead Man Dead Storm Daniel X Smoking Funk Daniel X Blue Funk Sakura ReMiX Rendered Angle Sakura ReMiX Rendered Sakura Dream ReMiX Sakura Dream ReMiX Sakura Dream Jesus Blue Daniel X Blue Burning Hell Scandal Simple Valley Somewhere Orange Autumn Hope Brisbane Messy Wallpaper - Happy New Year (white) Wallpaper - Happy New Year (red) Wallpaper - Happy New Year (clean white) Wallpaper - Happy New Year (clean red) SweeSwee Katana5 Katana4 Katana3 Katana2 Katana Katana - Hilt Katana - Nakago Katana - Blade Guitar sexy - Green Cell shaded Guitar Guitar sexy Guitar head Forest - Out window Forest - Flower pot Forest Worship Unidus Teacher Mess 01 Teacher 03 Teacher 02 Teacher 01 Honda - NSX - Wheel Honda - NSX Shutup The Lonely Princess TheCreativeThing Bus Stop - Moment of Realisation Rice Blender - Monkey - Eat 3D Monkey Monkey Eye Blob Hat TheCreativeThing_001 MyFirstMan The Creative Thing Shekinah - Streets shekinah tag Monkey - mspaint Monkey in the Whirlpool Monkey Troubles Doraemon + MashiMaro Doraemon Doraemon Sunburn Doraemon Stress Doraemon Sleep Doraemon Shy Doraemon Rejected Doraemon No Stress Doraemon dreaming of DoraemonGer Doraemon Dead Doraemon Cry Doraemon Crucified Doraemon + DoraemonGer Love Bus Stop - Endless Thinking Monkey in the trees Monkey - Computer Monkey - Eat Monkey - Eat The Ring - Sadako The Ring Monkey - Scared Monkey - Crying Monkey - Military Monkey - Sleep Monkey - Sick Monkey - Roadkill Monkey - Music Monkey - Dead Monkey - Artist Monkey No More Darkness Mr Lonely Explosion Get behind me satan When I'm gone Leviathan London Bus Psyblast Happy Birthday Karen Omigosh Drool Bus Stop - Hit 'n Run Kicked in the head Total X Issue 01 P4 Bleeding Eye Happy Shepherds Day - P4 Happy Shepherds Day - P3 Happy Shepherds Day - P2 Happy Shepherds Day - P1 Total X Issue 01 P3 Total X Issue 01 P2 Total X Issue 01 P1 Total Carnage X The Scream Bus Stop - I Don't Another Memory Castle You are the Christ Zombie Wounded Soldier Soldier Writing on the wall Bus Stop - Rain Bus Stop - Do You? Still Bus Stop - Do I?