Rhyme with Uma Jaiswal



Uma’s poems are thought out with a passion to find the deep meaning of each subject. At the same time, they are easy to read and understand. The rhyming nature, written in verse in symmetrical stanzas, is similar in style and tone to the lyrics of a song.


The critic’s overview —“the most unique poems I’ve read in a while; mechanics are flawless; meters and rhymes are impeccable…” and so forth — amply illustrates the inherent qualities of the poems. 


The author’s views and beliefs vary in his verse, for the poems generally don’t only confine to his own views and vision but also express thoughts of people with different beliefs.


Although he has written limericks and interesting unorthodox verses, his style is generally dominant of couplets and quatrains.


Uma enjoys writing about provocative life situations and their effects on people. He likes to search social and environmental bias, but also expresses a sense of deep humour and has written numerous hilarious poems to cause even stones to laugh.


He has already completed three full-length collections,  Dreams Engraved on Dust, Abode of Joy and Yourself containing over 70 poems each. 


To please your appreciative mind, you will find a few poems from these collections under the link Read the Poems. You will also find a sellection of poems on my website Having read them, please do visit the Guest Book to leave your genuine impression about the poems. Your comments don’t have to be favorable, so long as they represent your genuine feelings.


Have an enjoyable reading.