A brief overview


After over 50 years, Uma Shankar Jaiswal has returned to his first love: poetry.  An impulsive painter, passionate wanderer and generous philanthropist, he has explored, back-tracked and explored some more, several times over. And at 71, is not hesitant to take one more leap. Born in Varanasi, Uma Shankar Jaiswal after completing his graduation in 1959 from Banaras Hindu University, in 1962 immigrated to England. He lived there for over 40 years, working as a senior Income Tax Officer with the British Inland Revenue, from where he retired in 2004.

In the interim, with three children, a busy career and frequent travelling, his poems were sporadic but inspired. They were published by Book Habit, New Zealand and Anthology United Press, United Kingdom, the latter on three separate occasions. Some of his philosophical lyrical musings were displayed in the Pews of St. Eustachius Parish Church, Tavistock, Devon, UK. They were included in the Church's anthology in 2008. 

Uma Shankar Jaiswal, an ardent admirer of structured verse, believes the essence of poetry to lie in the marriage of strong content and musical rhymes.

With over 7 decades of calms and storms behind him, he found reason to pick up his pen with vigour at the end of his first marriage and his return to India. Here, he met and married Radha, who gives wings to clipped dreams, and they live together in Pune.

By the end of 2010, Uma Shankar Jaiswal will have two more collections of poems released – Abode of Joy and Yourself.  And then!

  ‘With my muse’s blessings steady,

          My hand and pen are ready.’

                He winks.