3. Honeymoon Code

 Rhyme with Uma Jaiswal



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Spend money the way you like.

Consider it just junk like rubble.

You’ll enjoy life in all its glory;

Your contentment  will  bubble.



Value of riches can only be learnt

If a moneylender you had to hunt.

To the planets  money  aids to fly.

Pity! Needs  of a soul it can’t buy.





Honeymoon Code :–


It is the story of a mum with triplets;

Three healthy daughters and no son.

When they grew to be of marriageable age,

Mum felt something had to be done.


She advertised in many newspapers–

Wanted: three sturdy guys in primes,

The ad received constant responses;

And helped her to pick three in no time.


She planned the three weddings jointly,

Many guests arrived to see the men.

The girls soon set off on their honeymoons,

With their vigorous, sturdy specimen.


To learn about the girls’ sex episodes,

During their days on the honeymoon,

Mum clearly instructed their daughters–

To tell her of their events very soon.


In a few days mum got the first card,

Soon after the eldest reached her destination.

She sent a pretty note from Bahamas,

On a postcard with witty impression.

The message was vague while brief;

Only one word – Nescafe – she had used.

Mum tried to undo the baffling code,

But her mind only became more confused.


Finally she bought a jar of Nescafe,

Inscribed was their slogan towards the top.

Mum blushed on reading but thrilled for her girl,

For it said – Good Till the Last Drop.


The next day a card came from London,

Veiled in it was the second girl’s spice.

It had the photograph of a cigarette box,

And mum got another puzzle to surmise.


She checked dad’s cigarette pack;

It said in bold: Extra Long King Size.

Mum was flushed with the suggestive,

But glad to know her daughter’s prize.


The news thrilled the mother to bits.

But sad for missing out a similar bout,

She wished a sensual session for herself,

But felt that age had bowled her out.


The last card came from Brighton,

It was late for the girl had busy days.

Mum feared due to the wobbly text

That stated: Transatlantic Airways.


As a whiz decoder now she knew her act,

And checked the trade ad of that airways.

The airlines schedule clearly stated:

Thrice a day, every day and both ways.


Having got ideas from her daughters,

She asked her hubby to do the same.

Excited, he geared up for same action,

But fainted at the start of the game.

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