2.I Want a Man


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Oh Time!  In life you  are a tutor.

Teaching new and difficult skills.

But, you  are very cruel  as well,

In  the end, your own pupils kill.



I Want a Man : –

To provide a stake for my future’s sake,

I want to find a man no matter what it takes.


A placid man similar to a doll,

Puts up with my failings big or small.


I search for a man, who doesn’t blame,

Won’t call my faults a human shame.


With a mind as tranquil as waters of the lake,

Romantic ripples of joy who’ll make.


A habitant of paradise in the sky;

A shelter of romance for lovers to vie.


Someone kind, handsome and pure,

With the valor of a king my longing to cure.


A man with his heart open wide,

One who would keep me his blissful bride.

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