1. None Like You

Rhyme with Uma Jaiswal

Poetry is a breed of writing in which the words are chosen for their sound and the images they suggest, not just for their obvious meanings. A rhyming poem has a repeated  rhythm, and the lines rhyme at the end with the same sounding words.





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1. None Like You

2. Divine Terrain

3. For a Laugh

4. Love Whisper



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If you knew what you don’t know,

You would certainly become proud.        

Or  you'd live with an empty head,

Wisdom remaining behind a cloud.











Money can’t fulfil all our wishes,

Although it bears powerful arms.

It’s arrogant with might of mafia;

Yet, it can’t buy our every charm.




















Pattaya, Malasiya





None Like You : –

I haven’t found a man like you,

Although I searched the world and beyond.

Another heart like yours doesn’t exist

Where my love could also belong.


There isn’t another person

Whose love could engulf the sea,

And wrap the land with waves of desire

As far as the eyes can see.


Your vigour is a love-cloud,

A source of mesmerizing rain,

Joy soaks my body with downpour,

And washes away lurking pain.


You are a matchless happiness;

A platter dressed with delicious trance;

A feed of romance for this nymphet,

You rein my heart with your glance.


You are the rarest of finds,

And jingle my soul with rhythmic tunes.

My heart adores your presence

Like the dark sky clings to the moon.

¤ ¤ ¤



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