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A poem without rhyme is dead,

Like a corpse sleeping on a bed.


Words lacking harmonious beats

Are like a clamour in the streets.


To roast a stew devoid of flavour

Is a squander of time and labour.


Like a parrot a crow can’t glow

Its squawk echoes parody of woe.


Rhyme inspires like the breeze,

Its gust is the verve of the trees.


Rhythm is the essence of a verse,

Without which it’s a pile of curse.


A melee of words may be clever,

But a true rhyme is a joy forever.


Mini Poems : —

Traits of Smile

A smiling face is reminiscent of a deity;

It changes people’s attitude.

It’s a sign of joyous eminence,

Even animals show their gratitude.


What's the Good of It?

When one is tottering under pain

With profound sufferings to utter,

Instead of lending a helping hand

We ask the Lord to make him better.


Guru's Teachings

If you expect to keep your wife

Do not try to win any argument.

It’ll help to conquer every battle

Without struggle or armament.


Give His Dues

God makes concerted efforts,

Our gladness He loves to see.

To ensure no one is deprived

He doles out goodies for free.


Perishable Life

Take glory in bliss while it’s there;

Life is perishable, not much worth.

The day will arrive for you to leave,

With no more but a fistful of earth.


      Borrowed Pain

While born in pains of Mother,

            And growing up in pains of Dad,

How can one feel any sorrow,

            For something they never had?



Collection of a further six mini poems is on display in the Pews of St. Eustachius Parish Church, Plymouth Road, Tavistock, Devon, UK. They will be included in the Church's forthcoming anthology in 2008.


Copyright © 2008 Uma S Jaiswal