Robert M. Hubley

Software Engineer
Computational Biology
Institute for Systems Biology
401 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-5234

Voice: (206) 732-1292
FAX: (206) 732-1260

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I currently work in the Computational Biology group at the Institute for Systems Biology. Under the direction of Dr. Arian Smit my focus has been the improvement of computational methods for annotating interpersed repeats in genomic sequences. I have also pursued using repetitive elements as means of calculating DNA substitution rates in various species.  As part of the ISB/Luxembourg initiative I worked on one of the first teams to analyze the complete genomic sequences of a family of four.  Our team is now studying several genetic diseases through the lense of family genomics.  Under the direction of Dr. Reudi Aebersold I have worked on improving tandem mass spectrometry analysis software and methods for large scale data management. For additional information on my background see my resume.

P u b l i c a t i o n s


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Summary | Full text | PDF | Supplementary

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M e e t i n g s / C o u r s e s

FASEB Summer Research Conferences - Mobile Elements in Mammalian Genomes, 2015

TE Annotation Workshop - 2014

FASEB Summer Research Conferences - Mobile Elements in Mammalian Genomes, 2013

Fujihara Seminar - A New Horizon of Retroposon Research - 2012

Genomic Impact of Eukaryotic Transposable Elements - ASILOMAR, 2012

FASEB Summer Research Conferences - Mobile Elements in Mammalian Genomes, 2011

FASEB Summer Research Conferences - Mobile Elements in Mammalian Genomes, 2009

Woods Hole Oceanograhic Institute - Genetic Regulatory Networks Course, 2008

International Congress on Transposable Elements, 2008

FASEB Summer Research Conferences - Mobile Elements in Mammalian Genomes, 2007

The Wellcome Trust Genome Center - Genome Informatics, 2006

Arctic Region Supercomputer Center - Faculty Camp, 2002

The Wellcome Trust Genome Center - Microarray and Gene Expression Database Jamboree, 2001

J o u r n a l s

Ad hoc reviewer for PLOS One, PLOS Computational Biology, and Bioinformatics

P e r s o n a l   B i o

My wife and I built two wooden strip kayaks ( Redfish King design ) which we use quite often on trips in the Northwest.

My interest in embedded controllers ( BitsyX, TattleTale, AVR, and Arduino etc ) has led to some fun consulting projects including:

  • I designed the control and communications computer for a remote, real time, ocean water monitoring system ( ).
  • "WaterLogged" - An underwater data logger using Atmel's XMega chip for oceanographic instruments.
  • And most importantly Arduino controllers for LED cove and stair lighting.

I wrote this MD5 reference implementation in VB and Java quite awhile ago now but for some reason it remains very popular: freevbcode

I contributed code to the ECJ Project ( A Java-based Evolutionary Computation Research System ) which implements the multiobjective optimization Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm ( SPEA2 - Ekart Zitzler et al. ) under the ECJ framework.

We built a Hot Tub Boat which was featured on Make Magazine's blog.

Also I have started a photoblog ( like everyone else in the world ). If you are interested you can find it here.