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RHS: Order of the Phoenix Club Constitution (2011-2012)


The name of T.R. Robinson High School’s chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance is RHS: Order of the Phoenix (RHSOP.)


RHS: Order of the Phoenix is affiliated with T.R. Robinson High School and, as a registered chapter, is an official extension of the international organization known as the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA).


Section I – Mission Statement

RHS: Order of the Phoenix will promote the campaigns and initiatives of the Harry Potter Alliance in our school and local community. We will provide an unique and healthy experience for members and fans of the Harry Potter series who join RHSOP. We will fight against social injustices and promote the message of the Harry Potter books which is love and understanding are more powerful than fear and hate.


Section II – Goals

Our local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance will include three different focuses in all of our

projects. First, we will work to promote various Harry Potter Alliance campaigns throughout

the year. Second, we will work to bring these campaigns and initiatives to our school and community. Third, we will focus on strengthening our own chapter leadership and structure.


Section III – Goals of Affiliate Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is an international organization that aims to help educate

individuals and communities alike on various social action and social justice-based initiatives

by drawing links between the book series by J.K. Rowling and our world. The Harry Potter

Alliance currently focuses on issues such as Fair Trade and activism, media reform, improving

literacy, and environmental concerns in addition to having a larger focus on inequalities based

on race, social class, gender, etc. Examples of each of these subjects can be found in the

Harry Potter series, and we believe that by linking these issues to the popular series, we can

reach more people on campus and educate our community in an innovative way.



Section I – Selection

Application for membership shall be open to all T.R. Robinson High School students.  Members must be willing to adhere to the rules of the chapter, as well as work with the chapter and its members to attain the goals of the chapter.  The chapter does not discriminate on the basis of race,

creed, gender, sexual orientation, finances, or anything else, insofar as the member is willing

to work to further the goals of the chapter. However, only 40 members are allowed each year and each prospective candidate must submit an application. Previous acceptance into the club does not guarantee admittance the following year unless they are a House Leader or officer who was voted for before the end previous school year


Section II – Grounds for Removal

A member may be dismissed from the RHS: Order of the Phoenix if they miss three consecutive club meetings without a valid excuse (either a pass from a teacher or illness, ISS or ATOSS does not count)  or if the member displays unfavorable behavior at events or during meetings. Any serious violation of the T.R. Robinson High School Student Code of Conduct, as well as serious federal, state or local law violations will result in punishment up to and including permanent expulsion from the RHS: Order of the Phoenix.  The punishment will be decided in a meeting of all officers, the Club Sponsor, and House Leaders in which the member will be given an opportunity to account for their violations.  The officers, Club Sponsor and House Leaders will then review the situation and make a decision.  The member in violation will be notified of the outcome of the meeting in an expeditious manner. State law is defined as the laws of the State of Florida;  local law is defined as the laws of Hillsborough County and the city of Tampa.



Section I – Officers and Duties

All House Leaders:  Shall hold paramount the welfare of the chapter and shall work to ensure its

success and continuation.

President (Chapter Organizer):  Shall preside over regular and executive meetings, coordinate

group activities, and communicate with the officers, advisor, and the Chapter Coordinator of

the Harry Potter Alliance.  Shall work as a liaison between Campus Activities and the chapter. 

Shall work as a liaison between the Harry Potter Alliance and the chapter.  Shall perform other

functions as appropriate to administer the general operation of the chapter.

Vice President:  Shall assist the president and preside over meetings in absence of the

president. Shall oversee any funds related to the chapter. Shall make note of any issues

brought up in official club meetings and officer meetings. Shall work with the President to

organize events and plan for meetings.

Section II – House Leaders

1)      House Leaders will be in charge of the well-fare of their House and in charge of passing along information given to them at House Leader Meetings.

 Section III – Election Process

1) Elections shall be held in mid-March, or as close to March 15 as convenient.  Notice of

elections must be given at least 15 days in advance, with reminders each subsequent

week.  Elections will be held during normally scheduled meeting hours.

2) Requirements:

a. President- Student at T.R. Robinson High School, chapter member for two semesters. 

Must be present all non-spring/summer semesters of term of office.  Must attend at least two-thirds of chapter meetings during term of position.

3) A quorum must be present and a simple majority vote will win.  In case of a tie, a runoff election will be held to determine a winner.  Newly elected officers shall assume

responsibility at the end of the current semester.

Section IV – Removal of an Officer

When an officer fails to meet or maintain the minimum qualifications set forth in Article V,

Section I, or violates chapter regulations as defined in Article IV, Section II, said officer shall

be removed in the manner as described in Article IV, Section II.



1) The advisor to RHS: Order of the Phoenix shall be a T.R. Robinson High School employee as defined by the Human Resources Department.  The advisor will be willing to obtain an

appropriate level of experience, resource information and knowledge related to the mission, purpose and activities of the chapter.

2) The advisor may regularly attend executive and general meetings.  They may be

available for consultation outside of these meetings.

3) The advisor will assist the organization with the development of goals and

objectives for the academic year.  The advisor will also assist the organization with

event planning and facilitation.  The advisor will be willing to attend events when

necessary as identified through the planning process.

4) The advisor will be aware of the T.R. Robinson High Schoo Student Code of Conduct [

and will assist the organization with adherence to the expectations contained within said document.



Section I – Meeting Schedule

Regular chapter meetings will be held as determined through an election process.  A quorum

must be present and a simple majority vote will win.  In case of a tie, a run-off election will be

held to determine a winner.

Section II – Quorum

A quorum shall consist of 33.3 percent plus one (33.3% +1) or 1/3 of the active chapter

members must be present to conduct official business.

Section III – Election Process

Meetings will be held on club days, but there will be practices for Quidditch team members on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly some Saturdays.  There will also be optional outside events, and mandatory extra meetings with a required 6 day notice.



All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through a bank

account established for this organization by the T.R. Robinson High School Student Alliance.  All funds shall be deposited within 24 hours after collection.  Expenditures shall be made in accordance with applicable rules/laws governing said transactions.



Section I – Amendments and Revisions

This constitution may be amended at any time through a unanimous vote of officers, subject

to the approval of Campus Activities.