Bio/Nonbiodegradable pollutants and there effects on the Enviroment

There are many, many types of biodegradable pollutants and they are harming the environment but the good thing about them is the environment is able to do something about those. The environment breaks down those types of pollutants into their basic compounds and returns them to the earth where they won't do harm. Nonbiodegradable pollutants are pretty much invincible to anything the environment can throw at it. An example is plastic waste.

   Plastic Wastes are things like plastic bottles, bags, almost every single thing made out of plastic could really harm the environment. Plastic waste is destroying the food chain of the ocean. All Plastic leaves behind plastic particles. The plastic particles go with the current of the water and get caught in areas called gyres (strong currents facilitated by circular wind movement) and then that area becomes a noxious cesspool of plastic particles. In some of the gyres there are five times more plastic particles than zooplankton. The plankton has the plastic particles absorbed into their body. Thus, the plastic has entered the food chain since zooplankton is the core of the marine animals food chain. So some scientists think that plastic waste is a bigger threat than Global Warming at least in the immediate threat, since it is killing off the main source of food in the ocean.But Scientists think that if we reduce using as much plastic and if we recycle more then we could help are environment.