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ACT Standby Testing

If you missed the final registration deadline for your test date, you can try to test standby on test day. Follow the instructions on this page carefully.

What You Need to Know

  • Testing as a standby costs $41.00 in addition to the basic fee for your test option. (Students testing outside the United States, U.S. territories, Puerto Rico or Canada are also billed the $26.00 international surcharge.)
  • You are not guaranteed admission.
  • Test center schedules are subject to change. To find out which test centers are currently scheduled to test on your test date, check the list of test centers.
  • Test centers admit standbys on a first-come, first-admitted basis and only if there are seats, materials, and staff available after all registered students have been admitted for their test option.
  • Because advance arrangements are required, students requiring accommodations due to a disability cannot test as standbys.
  • You will not be able to add, change, or cancel score reports.
  • If you are admitted and begin testing (break the seal of the test booklet), you will be billed for all fees even if you do not complete all your tests.
  • If you are trying to test standby for a Sunday or Monday test center, you must bring a letter from your cleric or a notarized statement to verify your religious beliefs prohibit Saturday testing. You will not be admitted without it.

What You Must Do Before Test Day

Web option—Complete a Standby Request Form

  1. Create an ACT Web account and write down the ACT ID you are assigned. (If you already have an ACT Web Account, sign into your account and then choose "Manage Your Profile" to look up your 8-digit ACT ID.)
  2. Download and print the Standby Request Form.
  3. Fill out the entire form completely and accurately. If you do not provide an accurate and legible ACT ID, you will not receive scores, even if you are inadvertently admitted to test.
  4. Read the terms and conditions for registering.
  5. Review information about test day procedures so you know what to expect and whether your calculator is permitted.
  6. Sign in to your ACT Web account, choose "Manage Your Profile," and provide responses about your future plans, your high school courses, student profile, and interest inventory. These sections are designed to help you think about your educational future and to help colleges in their planning. The deadline to provide or update this information to be included on score reports to colleges is 12 noon central time on Thursday immediately after the regularly scheduled Saturday test date.
SAT Waitlist Status

The College Board no longer allows for Stand By testing. To test after the registration deadline, students must apply  for "waitlist status" at this website.