Community Service Opportunities

Rocklin Chamber of Commerce 
is sponsoring the following summer volunteer opportunity.

Event:                                                    Evening in the Park
Location:                                               Johnson Springview Park, 5480 5th Street, Rocklin
Dates:                                                    Friday, June 21, Friday, July 12, Friday, July 26, Friday, August 9
Volunteers Needed from:                                2 pm -  pm (Shifts are fine)
Event Hours:                                                  7 -  pm

Interested student can contact the chamber office at: 916-624-2540 
or to Brittney Holland:


Dog Rescue Volunteer 2012



Community Service is a graduation requirement

Students at Rocklin High School must document a minimum of 25 hours of community service to meet graduation requirements. Volunteer hours must be with a non-profit organization to count toward the graduation requirement and may be performed anywhere in the world, from the day after promotion from the 8th grade.
Many students choose to volunteer far more hours of service than is required for graduation. Students who document a 150 hours of service (or more) receive the Rocklin High School Distinguished Community Service Award.
Volunteering offers students an opportunity to become invested in their communities. It is also a great way to explore career interests and begin a professional network. Students often find that volunteering is gratifying and fun.
If you need help finding a place to volunteer, 
drop by the College & Career Center 
or check out the opportunities listed below.
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Non-profit organizations that regularly have volunteer opportunities for students.   36k v. 1 Jan 20, 2011, 8:26 AM Cindy Cutts
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