Howie Good: D r e a m i n g  i n  R e d

It is only only fitting that our first full-length print book here at Right Hand Pointing would be poems by Howie Good.  Howie has been a big part of RHP from the beginning and has been published in these pages more than anyone else. More about the book below. 

Howie has generously agreed to participate in a model for publishing books I've been interested in for awhile. The book is being sold via and it's priced a couple of dollars higher than is typical for a book of this length. But, here's the deal, ALL of the proceeds for the sale of the book--and it'll be about $5.50 per book--will go to charity.  

The charity is one that means a lot to me. It's the Crisis Center here in Birmingham, Alabama. I've been on the Board of Directors, off and on, and mostly on, for more than 25 years.  The Center offers a range of services in this area.   Suicide prevention, day treatment facilities for the indigent mentally ill, and other services. 

Let me focus briefly on one service.  Some years ago, we realized at the Crisis Center that women who had been raped were not being treated particularly well in this town.  Women were typically taken by police to the local charity hospital.  Not allowed to empty their bladders.  Forced to sit in a busy emergency room waiting room.  Then, subjected to the forensic rape examination, flat on their backs with their legs in the air, likely recapitulating the assault. So, the Center ultimately opened a free-standing facility for taking care of these women.  When they are being seen at the center, which is designed to be safe, secure, and comfortable, no one else is present.  It's the victim, the nurse who takes care of her, and perhaps family members or a police officer in the waiting area.  The examination occurs in a special kind of chair, which enables the woman to feel more in control.  When the exam is over, she goes into a adjoining bathroom for a shower and is given some clothes...usually a set of sweats, to go home in.  There's more I could say, but you get the idea.  To read more about the Crisis Center, click on the logo below.

So, I want to make a special appeal to all of you--contributors and readers of RHP--to support us in this special effort to provide a little extra funding for the Crisis Center. It's awfully nice of Howie to do this, given the physical space between Howie & the Crisis Center, which I've tried to illustrate with the maps on the right. I'd be grateful to you for your support and I know Howie would appreciate it.

Ok, more about the book.  

Ok, I ask you: How great is that cover?  (Which I designed.)  The photo on the cover, is by the mighty photographer Thomas Hawk, whose work has appeared a number of times in RHP.  

What to say about the 56 poems that appear in this collection?  Here's Scot Siegel, from his blurb for the book.

Howie Good's poems slip under your skin like parasites, the ones that your high school science teacher said might be good for you  These are dark poems with a bright inner-core.  Good, perhaps our best contemporary noir-minimalist poet, is back with a vengeance.  Here, soothsayers, wild birds, the sun, and yes, even assassins with a sense of humor, offer antidotes to the darkness that surrounds us.

Doug Draime:

The dreams (poems) in Dreaming in Red are full of multifaceted memories and exquisite images, weaved brilliantly with poems of outrage about the Holocaust and all the continued nightmares of our time.

I think this volume is representative of Howie at his best and I couldn't be more proud to have worked with him to bring this work to print.

So, buy a fine book of poems and support a terrific cause while you're at it.  We want your support on this.  We're prepared to beg, but we'll hold off on that for now. 

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Where are we?
Which way

is tomorrow
from here?

famous said

there’s a sun
in the belly

with a thousand rays.
Oh, how long

it’s taking the light
to reach us!

-Howie Good
from Dreaming in Red

Video:  3 poems from Dreaming in Red