Submission Guidelines in Brief

We publish short poems, very short fiction, art and photography.

A condition of having your work published is that you subscribe to our email announcement list at


16 lines or under preferred, although we’ll accept up to 20 lines if the word count of the piece is less than 75 words.

Prefer no more than 75 words, but we’ll go up to 100 words if the poem is 16 lines or under.

We prefer 16 lines or fewer and fewer than 75 words.

Howie Good has characterized the kind of poetry that appears on Right Hand Pointing like this:

Short, of course. Generally minimalist as a result. Highly imagistic, yet often containing an implied plot or at least a first- or third-person character. They revel in ambiguity but aren't ever deliberately obscure. Intellectual without being pretentious, original or novel without being consciously weird or eccentric.

To allow our readers to access the journal in schools and places with content filters, we avoid publishing profanity and sexually explicit content.

We’re generally averse to rhyme.


Under 500 words.


Submit via the submishmash system:

Poems: 1 to 3 pieces (editor:  Dale)

Fiction: 1 or 2 pieces (editor: John)

Sorry to be a bit rigid, but we do not want to see submissions of more than 3 poems. 

Art:  Send samples and inquire either through submishmash (above) or by email to Dale at
Please put everything you're submitting in one document: Your cover letter, your poems or fiction and your bio. Remember, we like very brief bios. Don't include an exhaustive list of publications. We prefer "recent work has appeared in..." 

The Editors