Right Hand Pointing:  Submissions and Project Timelines

Before we send you off to the Right Hand Pointing Submissions Guidelines Multimedia Experience, just a few notes about what we're reading for. 

We read on a rolling basis until an issue is filled up, then we start reading for the next issue.  


  • We're reading for our next regular issue (poems / fiction), Issue 74 (April 2014)
  • We'll also publish a humor issue in August 2014. We won't read for it for awhile, but you are welcome to go ahead and submit.

If you've submitted before and just want a quick reminder about our submission guidelines, click here.   Otherwise, go through the slide show below.

To see the Right Hand Pointing Submissions Guidelines Multimedia Experience full screen click here.




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Tentative schedule for future issues

73: (Mar 2014): Themed (TBA)/Guest Editor: Robert Scotellaro
74: (Apr 2014): Regular Issue
75: (May 2014): 3 Women Poets
76: (June 2014):10th year anniversary of RHP
                (submissions by invitation only)
77: (July 2014):Regular issue
78: (August 2014):Humor issue
79: (September 2014): Regular issue
80: (October 2014): 3 (More) Women Poets