Reach people where they are, teach people how to develop their vision and inspire people to work together.

    Whether I'm teaching children in The Write Story program or providing life / health coaching, my message is the same:

You can create your reality and I can show you how.

    Every person I’ve ever worked with has fit into one of three groups:

· Quick learners needing challenges.

· Average learners needing encouragement.

                       · Slow learners needing learning options.

    In 2003, I self-published my 1st book - When I Was a Little Boy, by Jesus - two months before we were told that our 1st son "fit into the Autistic Spectrum Disorder." This book won an EVVY award.

    In 2005, he wrote his 1st book - Tanner's Camel - when he was five. It is now being illustrated.

    In 2010, our 2nd son wrote his 1st book. It was illustrated and I published it in 2013. Asperger's Rhymes with Bass Burgers is a must read for anyone wishing to understand Asperger's Syndrome from a 10-year-old's perspective.

    Between 2003 - 2012, I published two more books, taught over 8,000 children to write and illustrate their very own books and edited several more books for authors around the world.

    In 2012, we moved to Iowa from Colorado and I've been actively working with the boys' schools and coaching individuals, families and groups. I have also been studying and will receive my Health Coach Certification in September, 2015.

    In June, 2015, I produced I've Been Dirty and I've Been Clean and Clean is Better (You Know What I Mean?), by Linda Siegle Carney. Her delightful book is available here: http://www.QStreetPress.com/

If you would like to learn more, please contact me: Rhonda@RhondaSpellman.com