Connecting with our creative inner genius can require breaking down walls. These limiting walls – conscience or unconscious – can prevent us from achieving greatness. We have all been there but we do not have to stay there.

In 2000, I was sharing my little poem with neighborhood children. When I Was a Little Boy, by Jesus told them who He is and why He came to earth as a child.

A mother contacted me to tell me that she had spent "Two hours answering questions about Heaven and God," I was determined to turn the poem into a book. While searching for illustrators I "saw" images of the drawings being done by children in my mind. I approached children at my church and the book came together. I self-published this book, illustrated by children ages 4 - 11, in 2003. It won an EVVY Award (international book award).

These children, now published illustrators, seemed to grow before my eyes and the magical transition in my heart fueled my dream to publish100 inspiring children's books.

The Creative Cranium Concept began to form. I knew that helping children to grow - from their mind - was essential to their success in life. Over the next several years I coached people of all ages and spent countless hours writing my own stories and coaching groups of children to write theirs. I now have my 100 stories and am in the development stages of releasing them.

Redesigning my website will come. The stories will be released. Everything in the right timing.