Every person has subjective and objective abilities. Conceptually, if a person is given the opportunity, they can realize their dreams and form ideas that will contribute for generations.

Subjectively, every masterpiece is correct. Objectively, every work of art could be improved. Like birds, some of us are born to fly and others of us are born to run.  Every person has unique abilities.

Helping people to connect with their abilities has been rewarding in more ways than I could ever hope to explain. I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be one. However, I do have over 10,000 logged hours of study on auto-immune disorders and helped my son to go from non-verbal to no longer qualifying for services. I invite you to learn more about me and why I want to help you on my bio page.

My ideal client is:

· On the spectrum or helping someone on the spectrum.

· Someone who has had a near-death experience or traumatic accident.

· Suffering from allergies. Using muscle therapy, I have been very successful in  

   painlessly and permanently removing allergies.

· Someone struggling to make a life-changing decision.

· An author of children’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder or spiritual book(s).

No matter what world you are currently in, I believe I can help you to find your way to the world you are searching for.   

When people feel like a winner, they act like a winner.
When they act like a winner, other people treat them like a winner.
ALL people deserve to be a winner at something.