Connecting with our creative inner genius can require breaking down walls. These limiting walls – conscience or unconscious – can prevent us from achieving greatness. We have all been there but we do not have to stay there.

As a life coach, I have been helping others to help themselves since 2004. Key questions that I help others to answer, understand and overcome include the following.

     WHAT are these walls?

                                             HOW did they get there?

                                                WHO do I need to forgive?

                                                 WHEN did these walls appear? 

                                               WHY can’t I move forward?

                                                 WHERE do I start?

Pain can hold us back. Pain can push us forward. Deciding which direction to go is always easier when the path is clear. My goals are to help you to see and understand your path in life first. Then, I help you to create what fulfills you.

                 You can create your reality and I can show you how.