I believe that everyone has a purpose with abilities that can develop with nurturing and guidance. When we focus on love we can rejoice in truth.

THE 'Why' for me:
2001, when my older son Tanner (now 17) was 19 months old, he was vaccine injured. He is now a junior and was a 4.0 student last year.
2003 - released my 1st book, 'When I Was a Little Boy, by Jesus'. Won an EVVY award. Took Tanner to 17 doctors with little luck. Most told me, "Don't get your hopes up."
2005, a doctor began teaching me NAET (muscle testing / allergy elimination). This was a breakthrough! I began helping others.
2006, our pediatrician began sending people with spectrum issues to me. I was helping as many people as I could.
2007, Tate Publishing released my second book, 'Fire & Ice'. Tanner acquired PANDAS (supposed to be incurable).
2008, discovered all natural supplement that eliminated PANDAS in 7 weeks! *We still take it!
2010, released 3rd book - 'The Journey Home from Autism'. Won a 1st place INDIE and an EVVY (both international awards).
2011, discovered cold laser therapy! Like acupuncture without the needles; I could provide pill-less, pain-less relief from allergies.
2012, we moved to Iowa and found a piece of paradise that I feel blessed to call home! We've met amazing people and formed bonds that will last a lifetime.
2013, produced Oliver's book, 'Asperger's Rhymes with Bass Burgers'. He was only 10 when he wrote this!
2015, produced Linda Siegel Carney's book, 'I've Been Dirty and I've Been Clean; Clean is Better, You Know What I Mean?' Check out http://www.qstreetpress.com/
2016, the year of immeasurable blessings!!! I added emotional healing and pain relief, using my lasers, with incredible results!
God opened this door to Nourish in a way only God can do! (the story is pretty incredible).
And the rest of the story is that I'll be at Nourish! Call or text me @ 303-875-8742 for an appointment and watch for upcoming events.

When people feel like a winner, they act like a winner.
When they act like a winner, other people treat them like a winner.
ALL people deserve to be a winner at something.