Cross Country

September and October are cross country season. Most of our members will be running with their school teams during that time so the club takes on a supportive role by providing pre-season conditioning, weekend group runs in season, and post-season championship racing opportunities. As always, our focus is equally balanced between athletic training, education, and fostering a fun team building environment.

Pre-Season - 
The scholastic XC race season is fast and furious! From the start of school, kids only have a week or two before their first race. We aim to better prepare aspiring cross country runners by beginning our group distance runs in the latter half of Summer. Establishing a solid aerobic base and leg strength with fun, scenic trail runs prepares them for the rigors of racing through the Fall.

In-Season -
Scholastic races are generally held on weekday afternoons. We meet for an easy group distance run on the weekend to supplement the kids endurance base, socialize, and explore new trails.

Post-Season -
At the conclusion of school racing, kids have the opportunity to continue on to the club racing championship season. We bring runners from Rhode Island together to compete at the New England Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship. Teams are organized by age group. Strong performances qualify runners and teams to advance to the next level of Junior Olympic competition as follows:

Advancement beyond New England Association meet:
Association to Regional: Top 5 teams and other individuals in the top 30
Regional to National: Top 5 teams and other individuals in the top 30