October 2018 - We successfully held the event at Pell. 360 students were in the school gym, 600 more watched from the classroom.  180 additional livestreams were viewing from around the world.

September 2018 - We received a selection of contact dates and times. Now, we have to prioritize them and return of list to the schedulers.  

June 2018 - Three new crew members for ISS Expedition 56 were launched and arrived at the ISS for a six month stay. 

April 2018 - ARISS advises Pell Elementary that it will be scheduling its "RI Space Chat #3"  with the orbiting ISS sometime during the week of October 1st.  Student questions and names will need to be firmed up by mid-September. 

March 2018 - 1. Pell requests to schedule the "chat" over several weeks in October. 2, ARISS approves the Pell technical plan to use the "telebridge" option which will tie the school to an ARISS ground station that will establish and operate the radio link to the ISS. 

February 2018 - 1. Over 40 students participate in the international "School Club Round Up" radio contest February 12-14,  Radio contacts were made with schools in Rhode Island, Minnesota, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, and Indiana  2. Technical plan submitted to ARISS.  

January 2018 - Key Pell Elementary School personnel and volunteers from Newport County Radio Club will participate in national webinar to prepare their technical proposal, 

December 2017 - ARISS US accepts Pell's educational proposal and requests a technical plan for the primary and backup radio stations. News item: US Schools, Groups Move Into Phase 2 of ARISS Selections

November 2017 - The "RI Space Chat #2" was held at Bishop Hendricken High School and included student questioners from Bishop Hendricken and St Mary - Bay View Academy.  Click on the video summary -

October-November 2017 - Pell's STEM teachers Mary Nordby and Lori Delemos work with Copernicus STEAM Learning Lab staff to author an educational plan for submission to ARISS mid November. 

May 2016 - "RI Space Chat #1" was held at All Saints STEAM Academy and included questions from students grades PK-8. Click on the video summary: