Welcome to Spring 2012 RIT on Numerical Methods for PDEs

Research Focus: Iterative/multilevel methods for solving PDEs.

Graduate Prerequisites: Functional Analysis (MATH634), PDEs (MATH 673 and 674), Numerical Analysis (AMSC 667), Numerical Methods for PDEs (AMSC 612/4) or permission of a faculty member.

Work Schedule: Tue 5-6pm in MATH1308, but please subscribe/check the Calendar for any changes.


Faculty Ricardo Nochetto 
Postdocs Harbir Antil, Abner Salgado 
Students Enrique Otarola, Patrick Sodré, Ignacio Tomas 
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# of classesSpeakerDescriptionReference
Ricardo Nochetto Basic Iterative Methods L. Chen (p. 1-11) 
Enrique Otarola Mutigrid Methods Braess (s. 5.1-5.4) 
Abner Salgado Space Decomposition Braess(s. 5.5), L. Chen(p. 12-31), Bartels (p. 149-159) 
Patrick Sodré Domain Decomposition Bartels (p. 136-148), Brenner-Scott (p. 175-201) 
 N/A Fractional Sobolev Spaces via Space Decomposition Bramble, Pasciak and Vassilevski 
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Relevant Books

The Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods Susanne C. Brenner, Ridgway Scott 
Finite Elements: Theory, Fast Solvers, and Applications in Solid Mechanics Dietrich Braess 
N/A Soren Bartels 
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