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Rhizosphere and Google Visualizations

posted 22 Feb 2011, 16:16 by Riccardo Govoni
Rhizosphere has been able to consume Google Visualization datasources (like Google Docs spreadsheets) since the very first versions of the library, but up until now it didn't fully conform to the specs expected from standard Google visualizations. This implied that, while you were able to visualize in Rhizosphere data coming from the same sources that would power other Google charts, you would have to write custom code for Rhizosphere to do so.

Starting from version 0.5 of the library, which we released today, you can access Rhizosphere as a standard Google Visualization. This is true both for the javascript version of the library and the just released gwt version of it. You can access the documentation for both versions here:
Using Rhizosphere in a page that already uses Google Visualization DataTables for its visualization needs is now as simple as creating a Rhizosphere instance and passing it the datatable via the standard draw() method.

To get you started, we prepared a couple of samples, for both javascript and gwt developers. You can access the javascript sample here and the GWT sample by choosing the Google Visualization tab in the GWT demo application.