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Manage your Google Code projects with Rhizosphere

posted 17 Nov 2010, 07:04 by Riccardo Govoni
We have just released a new showcase application to demonstrate Rhizosphere capabilities! 

If you are a software developer or project manager and have your project hosted on Google Code, you can now browse and manage your issue lists with Rhizosphere.

Just point your browser to the following link and enter the name of your project:

By default, you will get a visualization showing all the issues ever created on your project (including closed ones).

By setting the Advanced Options, you can refine your query to match only open issues, issues to verify, issues that you own or have starred. You can also limit the date range and focus on issues that have been recently created or modified. You can also choose the amount of detail that you want to see per issue.

Once you choose your project, Rhizosphere will load the project data using the Google Code Hosting APIs and present you with a card-based interface. You can then use Rhizosphere to manipulate and browse through your project issues. For those of you who like Agile development and walls full of post-it notes, we hope you will enjoy this!

You can now visually analyze a variety of information about your project: use treemaps to identify issues that most of your users want to see solved, group issues according to any of the custom labels you defined for your project, limit the set of issues being inspected using Rhizosphere dynamic filtering capabilities.

You can chose to display each issue as a brief overview (only the summary and its open/closed state will be visible) or with full details (which include issue labels, opening and closing date, blocking bugs, issue reporters and owners). You can also jump into any issue details by click the issue id number.

We have recorded a few videos to help you get started. You can find them below.

A note about accessing your Google Code data

Rhizosphere accesses your Google Code Data using the Google Code Hosting APIs. This means that by default Rhizosphere only accesses issues that are publicly visible to anyone. Whenever you use Rhizosphere to access your private or personal data (such as requesting the list of issues that you have starred on a given project), Rhizosphere will ask for your permission using the AuthSub authorization protocol. This means that Rhizosphere will never have access to your Google account password.

Additionally, Rhizosphere stores the AuthSub authentication token only temporarily, and any authorizations you granted to Rhizosphere will expire when you close your browser.


Using Rhizosphere to access your Google Code project data gives you a number of benefits:
  • Mobile access: You can access your issue lists from your PC and from your mobile devices (with a dedicated, mobile-friendly interface), so you can keep track of your tasks also when you are on the go! We tested Rhizosphere for Google Code on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. We also have preliminary support for Android devices, although functionality is limited because of some known bugs.
  • Presentation mode: You can broadcast remotely any action that you perform while managing your Google Code project via Rhizosphere. If you work on a distributed team, you can drive your weekly iteration planning from your desk (or maybe your iPad!) while other team members on other side of the world follow you in real time on a shared project view. Have a look at the videos below, or learn more about Rhizosphere broadcasting capabilities.
  • Treemaps: Use layout and clustering algorithms which are not available on Google Code. For example, create a treemap of your issues by the number of stars each one received, to quickly identify and prioritize most wanted items.
  • Dynamic Filters: Use Rhizosphere filtering capabilities to slice'n'dice all your project activities in real time.
  • and all other standard features that come with any Rhizosphere visualization.

Demo Videos

The following video gives a basic introduction on how to use Rhizosphere for Google Code project management:
The following video shows how you can broadcast a visualization for others to follow, and how you can access your Google Code projects data from mobile devices:
If you are interested about Presentation mode and mobile access, we also recommend these live demos about broadcasting a Google Code project analysis from a PC to multiple mobile devices and viceversa from a mobile device to PC.


When using Rhizosphere for your Google Code project management activities, keep in mind that:
  • Rhizosphere is still an experimental library, and Google Code integration even more so. Don't be surprised if you find strange behaviors or quirks, and help us improve it by filing new bugs!
  • This integration with Google Code exists to demonstrate Rhizosphere capabilities. Although we aim to provide a useful service, we may not be able to offer a rich enough feature set to cover all project management needs.
  • We currently offer a read-only view of your project activities. We plan to introduce bulk actions and issue manipulation features soon, but they're not quite ready yet!
  • Because of the limitations in the APIs and services used, you might not be able to load all your project issues with Rhizosphere, if you happen to manage a big project with thousands of bugs. We recommend you limit the visualization only to issues that matter to you most (such as looking at bugs opened in the last few months only).

Learn more about Rhizosphere

If we managed to get you excited about Rhizosphere, you should consider following our project activities or keeping an eye on Rhizosphere on Twitter.