Rhizosphere is an innovative project to provide in-browser html-based spatial navigation and interaction on structured data. 

Rhizosphere helps you navigate through your ever increasing data cloud. Lightweight, web-based, intuitive, its purpose is to provide a simple but effective way to flow through your data, isolate them, filter them and help you locate that information that you know it's there, but it's lost amidst the noise. 
100% pure HTML and JS, no Flash, no Java, no Silverlight, no plugins. You just need your browser. 


The Rhizosphere project focuses both on traditional and innovative ways to browse through data. Some of the project features:

  • Spatial navigation: a desktop like metaphor, with selections and drag'n'drop.
  • Multiple layout algorithms
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Endless panning (like Google Maps scrolling)
  • Interoperability with multiple sources (including Google Docs and Google Visualization APIs).
  • Customizable UI, targeting all range of browsers from traditional desktops to tablets, to smartphones (iPad, iPhone, Android).
  • Both standalone full-screen visualization and embeddable as a gadget (including Google Gadgets).
  • Pure Javascript and HTML5. No Flash, no Silverlight, no other plugins needed.
  • Small footprint (less than 30Kb minified, gzipped Javascript) and fast (subsecond response times).
  • Multiple browser support: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Mobile Webkit.
  • Full Google Web Toolkit integration.

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Wanna take a look at the code? It's all open source and available. Your choice, we maintain repositories both at Google Code Hosting (Mercurial) and GitHub (git).

Or read through the features being developed. You can also suggest a new feature or bug.


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or look at other ways you can contribute to the project.


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Recent Announcements

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  • Better Rhizosphere treemaps in Google Spreadsheets Rhizosphere v0.7 has just been released and includes important improvements in the area of Google Spreadsheets and Google Visualization integration.Since the earliest releases of Rhizosphere, you have always ...
    Posted 21 Mar 2011, 08:15 by Riccardo Govoni
  • Rhizosphere mirror at GitHub For those of you in love with git and Github, Rhizosphere code is now also available at https://github.com/battlehorse/rhizosphere. Happy forking!
    Posted 6 Mar 2011, 08:32 by Riccardo Govoni
  • Rhizosphere and Google Visualizations Rhizosphere has been able to consume Google Visualization datasources (like Google Docs spreadsheets) since the very first versions of the library, but up until now it didn't fully conform ...
    Posted 22 Feb 2011, 16:29 by Riccardo Govoni
  • Use Rhizosphere with Google Web Toolkit After more than a month of sustained work, and over 3 months since the last update, we are finally releasing a new version of the Rhizosphere library (v 0.5 ...
    Posted 22 Feb 2011, 16:16 by Riccardo Govoni
  • Manage your Google Code projects with Rhizosphere We have just released a new showcase application to demonstrate Rhizosphere capabilities! If you are a software developer or project manager and have your project hosted on Google Code, you ...
    Posted 18 Nov 2010, 08:06 by Riccardo Govoni
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Demo: bugtracking on Google Code via Rhizosphere

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