1.0 Overview

1.01 Introduction

A caged bird never sings, but a caged rhino just gets angry.  Ralph has been in his prison cell for far too long, and he is ready to get out.  Players must break Ralph out of his cell and escape the Zoological fortress that has held him.  It won’t be easy though; the Zookeeper is fanatically obsessed with his little collection and will stop at nothing to keep it complete.  Ralph must bash his way out with a little ingenuity and a lot of bashing.

1.02 Concept

Ralph is attempting to escape a zoo run by a delusional zookeeper with the help of his fellow captured animals.  He has been in captivity for too long; he wasn't born into this and now he knows he needs to get out.  He escapes is safari prison and begins causing havoc in the zoo with the help of fellow animals, escalating into a rampage down the highway to freedom.

1.1 Target Demographic

The Target Demographic RHIOT aims for is young adults from age 10-15 and web game players of all ages.  The game contains scenes of cartoonish violence and characters with equally cartoonish personalities.  Like a children's animated feature, the hero is unlikely and the villain is exuberantly fiendish.  The gameplay mix of basic puzzles and fast paced chasing will be thrilling especially for Saturday morning cartoon fans.

1.2  World Summary

a.       The Hawking Zoo: Much of the game will take place within the Zoo, a two faced operation, presenting a happy and cheerful side to visitors, with a more dark and depressed look after hours.

b.      The Highway

c.       The Edmunds Farm: A farm focused mainly on the raising of livestock, the Edmunds Farm has a lot of pastureland, more than enough to keep even a rhino happy for the rest of his days.

Full Detail: 2.0 World

1.3  Narrative Summary

    Ralph is a trapped rhino who yearns to be free.  He's never lived with the sort of controlling isolation of a zoo before.  He wasn't born into captivity and he isn't going to take it much longer.  Unfortunately for Ralph he wasn't thrown into just any zoo; he was unlucky enough to be brought to the Zoo of the infamous zookeeper and animal enthusiast Jonathan Hawking.  Jonathan is a deeply passionate man who wants nothing less than to save every single animal from the cruel hands of poachers.  As such, his fanatical devotion to his animals makes him psychotically protective.  Ralph cares very little for the good intentions of troubled zookeepers and won't let him stop his charge to freedom.  The other residents of the zoo can sympathize with Ralph, and many of them are willing to lend a paw, hoof or claw along the way.  It won't be easy, but Ralph is read to give Hawking the challenge of his career.

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1.4 Gameplay Summary

The main obstacle is the Zookeeper who attempts to drop cages and barriers on you, and then the Zoo itself, which is full of traps and other obstacles to slow you down.  The second section sees the main challenge becoming the Zookeeper driving after you and the other cars on the road which can slow you down and let you get captured.


The game starts off with more puzzle heavy objectives.  In this section the player causes havoc within the zoo, freeing some animals and damaging the Zookeeper's property.  The second half transitions into several chase scenes, where puzzles are mostly out and the player must discern the best route for escape while avoiding the vehicles behind and receiving aid from the animals around them.

Full Detail: 4.0 Gameplay

1.5 Mechanic Summary

Ralph has one main move, the charge.  This ability sends him launching forward for two seconds, dealing damage to whatever is in front of him and giving a two second cool down before it can be activated again.  If an impenetrable barrier is hit, Ralph will be stunned for a short time.  This mechanic can be used to break barriers, get the attention of animals to gain their help, and knock cars out of Ralph’s way.


Ralph also has health points, represented by the number of ox pecker birds sitting on his back.  When Ralph is hurt, he flashes red and a bird flies away.  This system is not in effect until the escape, where damage can be done to him.

Full Detail: 5.0 Mechanics and Elements

1.6 Level Design Summary

There are four levels in the game, each of which fall into either the puzzle category or the chase scene category.  The first two levels are the former, with a heavy reliance on puzzle solving and learning the use of the charge mechanic and feeling out the controls.  The second two are chase based levels, where the player has the added element of danger and timing into the mix.

Level One: The Serengeti - Players traverse an open plain until they realize that it is all an elaborate safari zone in a zoo; the player must make their escape from this section by scaring away the humans and getting help from fellow animals.

Level Two: The Zoo - After Ralph finds his way out of the Serengeti section he sees all of the animals in various states of panic after all of the people have evacuated the zoo.  The main problem that Ralph needs to solve is a stranded baby Koala on top of a statue of the Zookeeper.  Ralph must remove the barriers around the statue and then find a way to get the baby down, after doing so Jonathan comes after Ralph to recapture him and return the zoo to order.

Level Three: The Escape! - Ralph has pushed Jonathan to far after damaging his statue and Johnathan no longer has patience for Ralph's little rampage.  He and his zookeepers get in zoo buses and begin chasing Ralph down through the zoo.  Ralph can activate animal help by bumping their cages along the way, but he can also be slown down by the traps and blocks set by Jonathan.

Level Four: The Road - Ralph busts out of the main gate of the zoo and is barreling down the highway.  The zookeper pursuers are joined by the police and Ralph must now deal with both their pursuit and the other vehicles along the highway.

Full Detail: 6.0 Level Design