About the Artist

Rhiannon Ecsedy is currently a freshman at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. She attended Needham High School in Massachusetts. She has always loved to create and make art; as a child, Rhiannon most enjoyed drawing during naptime and making animals out of empty milk cartons during a Kindergarten activity called 'Scrounge.' In middle school, Rhiannon studied watercolor with professional artist and illustrator Karen Jerome. Rhiannon continued her study of art at the high school. As a junior, she took the Advanced Placement class Studio Art and developed a drawing portfolio.

Her portfolio is in two parts: The first section is Breadth, and it features fifteen pieces of various media and themes, including such media as black marker, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, and others. The second section, the Concentration, is made up of ten pieces all in the same media around the same theme. See Concentration Statement below.

Last year Rhiannon took Senior Studio Art at Needham High School, where she focused her work around arcrylic painting. 

Outside of the classroom, Rhiannon is independently studying fashion design. She takes old clothes donated by relatives or bought from the local thrift store and recreates them into entirely new garments. Check out her fashion blog at StylishInSuburbia.blogspot.com.

Rhiannon plans to be a pre-medical student, specifically a surgeon, but hopes to further her art education majoring in Art.

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