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Free Counseling in the Orlando Area

Barry University Family Enrichment Center
2000 N. Alafaya Trail, Suite 600
Orlando , FL 32826
Provides counseling services to clients from preschool through late adulthood. Clients are seen by treatment teams under faculty supervision. Does not provide emergency services, detoxification counseling, custody evaluations/decisions, visitation decisions or other forensic work/findings, or care for those with acute mental illnesses.


Catholic Counseling Center (Catholic Charities)
1771 North Semoran Blvd.
Orlando , FL 32807-3598
Provides individual, couples, marital, and family counseling. Mostly short-term (12-15 sessions) therapy. Will not see clients who are court ordered, have active psychosis, or eating disorders. Will see clients with active suicidality or substance problems only if they are in appropriate collateral treatment. Catholic Charities also offers services related to adoption, pregnancy, financial assistance, and immigration/refugee issues.


Orange County Health Department



Seminole Community Mental Health

237 Fernwood Boulevard

Fern Park, Florida 32730


Provides services to adults with serious mental illness, mental health and substance abuse disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder.


University of Central Florida Community Counseling and Research Center
College of Education and Human Performance

Department of Child, Family & Community Sciences
Orlando, FL 32816-1250


website: http://education.ucf.edu/ccc/contact.cfm