Welcome to Rhee lab !
We focus on development of new in vivo biomolecule labeling method with organic and bio-inorganic chemistry tools.
We are also very interested in developing biomimetic catalyst which can perform synthetic organic chemical reactions.

Early summer of UNIST (2014.6)

<Lab News>

☞  Dr. Pipas Saha joins our lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Dr. Saha! (2014-7)
☞  Our undergraduate team, Jong-Seok ('10) and Ho-Young ('12) , receives Undergraduate Research Funding from KOFAC. Congrats! (2014-5)
☞  Our lab receives generous research funding from Samsung Science & Technology Foundation. (2014-5)
☞ "Fluorescent probes from focused libraries" are shown at ACS Combinatorial Science and Chemistry-A European Journal. (2013-10)
☞ "Proteomic mapping of mitochondria in living cells via spatially-restricted enzymatic tagging" is published at Science. (2013-3)

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