The satCODE (satellite COncurrent DEsign) project has facilitated the use of the Concurrent Design methodology by the Canadian space private sector, academic institutions, and public organisations, with a focus on spacecraft platform definition and design.

The project has delivered a complete Concurrent Design spacecraft platform data model and associated software.

The project has also provided Canadian professionals training sessions in Concurrent Design, revolving around the models built from the project.

To request information from the satCODE project, please fill out a Resource Request Form or email ConcurrentDesign@adga.ca or more information.

2-Day Training:

Introduction to Concurrent Design

The 2-Day training session will provide attendants with an introduction to the Concurrent Design process, hands-on training with the CDP™, and an interactive design activity utilizing the spacecraft platform data model developed in the satCODE project.

5-Day Training:

Advanced Introduction to Concurrent Design with a CDLite™ Activity

The 5-Day training session is an extension of the 2-Day training program that includes a CDLite™ Activity.The CDLite™ activity provides attendants with the opportunity to develop an integrated design model by leveraging the satCODE data model and Concurrent Design process. The resulting feasibility study will highlight several key features and advantages of Concurrent Design.

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