Adsense Now on Page Creator

Since Page Creator can now handle JavaScript, Adsense is fair game. 

Last April, when I first wrote about Google's new Page Creator, I made a prediction. That is, I predicted that one of the earlier improvements for Page Creator would be the ability to include AdSense on pages built with the tool.

This is common sense because Google makes so much money from AdSense. It's the most obvious way for them to fund this new technology.

Anyway, my prediction was proved correct late yesterday night when I received an update from Google. Here is what it says:

Date: Fri, Jul 7 2006 5:45pm
From: "Google Page Creator Team"

As you may have heard, Google Page Creator now allows JavaScript. This
is great news, as you can now include AdSense code and other advanced
features in your site. Because this is such a new feature, though,
we're still working out some of the kinks. 

Of course, I'm thrilled the Page Creator Team has finally "come to their senses." (Pun inteneded.)

So what does all of this mean to you?

Well, if you have articles or any kind of unused content, you may want to consider publishing it with Page Creator because you can now monetize it with AdSense.

Simply click on the "Edit HTML" link at the bottom left of the interface, then cut and paste your AdSense code wherever you want it to go. It's as simple as that.

What will be interesting to watch is how Page Creator grows from here. Will the change cause a "boom" in new Page Creator sites? Or will the addition of AdSense make little difference? We shall see...

P.S. Now that I've tinkered around with the AdSense functionality, I can see that the team is indeed "still working out the kinks." My next prediction: Google will integrate AdSense with Page Creator so even technically challenged folks (like me) can put AdSense on their pages and make it look good.