Google Makes Pages!

This is a page I made in less than 5 minutes using Google's new Page Creator. 

If you lack HTML and CSS skills, and you would like to put up good looking web pages with very little effort, then you may want to try Google's new Page Creator.

I've been using Dreamweaver for the last 30 days and my trial is nearly finished. I've been looking for a good HTML editor for quite some time.

I tried Coffee Cup's HTML editor and didn't like it at all. Frontpage doesn't cut it either. Both (when I used them) "bloated the code" with all kinds of unnecessary characters.

So far, I love Dreamweaver and I still plan to get it. But if you don't have $400 to shell out for a fully licensed copy, then Google's Page Creator is a great alternative. Heck, it's free!

I used the Google Page Creator to build this page in less than 5 minutes just to show you how easy it is. I didn't do any HTML coding at all. Didn't even look at the code. Yet the page still looks very good, wouldn't you agree?

You could build an entire website, packed with articles, in a matter of days or weeks. And you'd never have to fuss with any coding whatsoever. Even better, your site would actually look good. (So many "newbie" sites look terrible.)

To give you some perspective, it took me months to build my first web site. First, I learned HTML by reading free tutorials at places like Then I bought a book on CSS, read it, and started building style sheets through trial and error. After I had invested hundreds of hours of my time, I finally had my site up, and it still didn't look as good as this!

To learn more about Google's new technology, go to the Google Labs > Page Creator page. Or read about how Page Creator was created on the Google Blog.

UPDATE 04-24-2006: New Article: Marketing Uses for Google Page Creator

UPDATE 07-08-2006: New Article: AdSense Now On Page Creator