Holy Grails

This is a list of “holy grails” – items from the band’s history which appear to exist, yet do not often come up in conversation. We’ve put them in one place in the hopes to jog someone’s memory, or to incite more public interest in their uncovering. If you have any further information regarding the items listed here, please get in touch, and please also be aware that the webmasters are willing to pay for items you might be willing to sell or share.

We do not necessarily intend to obtain and spread these highly coveted recordings; we’re aware that collectors rely on the rarer things in order for their collection to grow. Even simple information, clarification and any further details would be highly appreciated.

One thing to remember is sometimes items that we didn’t even know existed can be uncovered. In 2006, just before the release of Stadium Arcadium, the bands catalogue was released on iTunes and other online mp3 stores. With this came the release of tracks like “Bob”, “Quixotic Elixir” and “Bicycle Song”; tracks we weren't expecting or that were only barely alluded to prior their surprise release one day. If the items below excite you, imagine what else the band have up their sleeves...

  • “Deep Kick” – the One Hot Minute documentary:
    This film was recorded in 1994 and 1995, though edited in 1997, and apparently shows the band recording One Hot Minute, ala Funky Monks and the bands experiences at the Laurel Canyon mansion in 1991. However, there’s a slight twist in that it apparently featured smaller short films inter-cut – one for each band member – and almost everything we've seen so far has been non-musical. The videos for Chad and Dave have appeared elsewhere, there are some clips shown here and here, and Anthony mentions it in Scar Tissue. It would seem that the in-studio video for My Friends was edited down from parts of the documentary, though its hard to tell which bits are real footage and which bits have been re-recorded for the video. It is said to feature footage from the 1994 Woodstock show, the bands rehearsal sessions in Hawaii, and the recording of the album itself, most notably a scene involving Anthony's vocals for 'Transcending', and percussion overdubs for 'The Junkie Song', featuring Stephen Perkins.

  • Rehearsal tapes:
    DAT and cassette tapes of the bands rehearsal time; whether they be jams for new songs, rehearsals for tours, etc., stemming from the 90s up until 2007, are known to circulate among collectors. 
  • "Circle of the Noose":
    This song was written and recorded in 1997, and to date, appears to be the only song from the sessions for the second album with Dave to be in a semi-finished form. A rough mix has circulated amongst a small amount of collectors.
  • “Funky Monks” extended cut:
    Supposedly, a 3 hour cut of the documentary exists and has been floating around collector’s circles. It may feature the missing BSSM song featured in the VH1 documentary about the album. Some unseen footage can be seen here and here. Supposedly a Norwegian TV channel broadcast some outtakes back in 1992. There is a good chance that it's not a 3-hour cut but merely 3-hours worth of footage tacked together. Very recently a version of the film with 19 semi-new minutes of footage was uploaded to Youtube.
  • Greatest Hits sessions:
    See here. Instrumental rough mixes appear to be circulating. This is the largest batch of possibly new recordings that exists.
  • Missing BSSM song:
    In 2002 a vh1 documentary about Blood Sugar Sex Magik aired, and with it came some new footage of the band recording the album. Overlaid on this footage is what appears to the band, with Rick, listening to an unknown track. This also might be viewable on the extended cut of Funky Monks. You can hear it here.

  • Higher fidelity version of the Blood Sugar Sex Magik Sessions Tape.
    This currently only exists as a 128kbps mp3 rip from a poor sounding tape. Do you have a better copy, or at least some info on what this is? Please get in touch.

  • The missing song from the Stadium Arcadium sessions.
    Almost every news article in the lead up to the album noted that 38 songs were recorded. To date, 37 have been released. It may not have been finished, though the band seemed adamant that it was a completely written song. 

  • MTV 120 Minutes 1988 show:
    Blackbyrd McKnight only played (an estimated) four shows with the band. It appears that the only show recorded was in LA in September 1988 for MTV's program 120 Minutes. This is incredibly rare and apparently unsurfaced. 
  • “Blender”:
    The infamous “Blender”. A song from the “One Hot Minute” sessions that was, until the last minute, supposed to be on the album. For years, it was assumed that the song was merely the un-separated “One Big Mob/Stretch” but that’s not the case, according to this article.