Dates: December 1998 - March 1999
Players: Flea, John Frusciante, Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis. 
Additional Performers: Greg Kurstin, Patrick Warren.
Recorded at: Cello Studios6000 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by: Rick Rubin
Engineered by: Jim Scott, John Sorenson, David Schiffman, Ok Hee Kim, Jennifer Hilliard, Greg Fidelman, Mike Nicholson, Greg Collins
Mixed by: Jim Scott, Chris Holmes
Released on: June 8, 1999

  • Around The World
  • Parallel Universe
  • Scar Tissue
  • Otherside
  • Get On Top
  • Californication
  • Easily
  • Porcelain
  • Emit Remmus
  • I Like Dirt
  • This Velvet Glove
  • Savior
  • Purple Stain
  • Right On Time
  • Road Trippin'
        released on the album 'Californication'
  • Gong Li
        released on the Australian bonus disc and the 'Scar Tissue' single. Apparently this tune was left over from Flea's shelved solo album.
  • How Strong
        released on the Australian bonus disc in 1999 and the 'Otherside' single in 2000
  • Instrumental #1
        released on the 'Scar Tissue' single in 1999
  • Instrumental #2
        released on the Australian bonus disc in 1999. Known as "Blondie" prior to release.
  • Slowly, Deeply
        released on the 'Universally Speaking' single in 2003 - the band apparently cleared up a misconception over its recording date in a By The Way-era interview that I am yet to track down.
  • Bunker Hill

    discarded until 2003 when it was released as a B-side for 'Fortune Faded' - further work seems to have been done to it in the years in between.

  • Fat Dance
        leaked in 2000 on the 'Californication Unmastered' bootleg, released with alternate mix as a bonus track on digital outlets in 2006
  • Trouble in the Pub
        unreleased, unfinished, leaked in 2015
  • Quixotic Elixir
  • Over Funk
        released as bonus tracks on digital media outlets in 2006

This article mentions that 30 songs were recorded during the sessions, (however a Rolling Stone article from April 1999 mentions only 28 and a Flea interview here only mentions 22), which means there are either four or five songs yet to surface. The article also mentions that the band started recording with another engineer to begin with, but those sessions were scrapped. It's unclear if anything remains from those few days of recording; perhaps the two untitled instrumentals and Slowly Deeply are from then.



There are several alternate versions of songs from these sessions:

  • Around The World - 'Californication rough mixes'
    Different chorus vocals ('ning nang nong' for each chorus instead of just the final chorus)
  • Around The World - 'Californication Unmastered/Unsequenced'
    Synths in final chorus are louder (perhaps?) / Extended outro
  • Bunker Hill - 'Teatro Demos'
    Alternate bridge, guitar line, early lyrics.
  • Bunker Hill - '04/21/1999 CD-R'
    Lacking overdubs, has an extra AK line at end.
  • Californication - 'Teatro Demos' 
    Entirely different instrumentation, early lyrics.
  • Californication - 'Californication Unmastered/Unsequenced'
    Longer first chorus.
  • Californication - 'Greatest Hits' version.
    Extra flourishes of organ that come in early and a slightly different mix. No word if this is a mix from 1999 that accidentally got used or a new mix for the Greatest Hits CD.
  • Easily - 'Californication rough mixes'
    Outro vocals are different, go on longer.
  • Fat Dance - 'Californication rough mixes'
    Intro vocals are different to the iTunes release, which can be considered the 'official' version. Supposedly left off the album because Anthony wasn't happy with the vocal mix originally.
  • How Strong - Californication rough mixes'
    Guitar line is different to version released on 'Otherside' single.
  • I Like Dirt - 'Teatro Demos'
    Alternate, extra bridge, early lyrics. 
  • Purple Stain - 'Teatro Demos'
    Almost entirely different instrumentation, early lyrics.
  • Road Trippin' (without strings)
    B-Side to 'Otherside' / initially leaked with the rough mixes - pretty much what it says on the tin
  • Savior - 'Californication rough mixes' / 'Californication Unmastered/Unsequenced'
    Extra verse before the final guitar solo.
  • Slowly, Deeply - '04/21/1999 CD-R'
    Alternate guitar solo - seemingly the one John recorded live in the studio.
  • This Velvet Glove - 'Californication Unmastered/Unsequenced'
    Extra repeated first chorus.
Here's Anthony's handwritten notes noting some of the changes that needed to be made during mixing. Quite interesting:


The band referred to several songs differently in pre-release interviews and in privately circulated recordings.
    'All Around the World' = 'Around the World'
    'Blondie' = 'Instrumental #2'
    'Dirt' = 'I Like Dirt'
    'Dreams From Bunker Hill' (or) 'These Are Not My Dreams From Bunker Hill' = 'Bunker Hill'
    'Fat Dance' appears to be the song's official name, but it's been spelled as 'Phat Dance' and 'Phfat Dance' in the past.
    'New Wave' = 'Quixotic Elixir'
    'Porcelain Alice' = 'Porcelain'
    'Right On' = 'Get On Top'
    'Universe' = 'Parallel Universe'


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