About RHCG

Who Are We?

The Rocky Hill Community Group (RHCG) is a non-profit organization that was established to provide recreational, educational, cultural and social activities for the town and neighboring communities. It was first organized in 1965 with headquarters in the historic Amy Garrett House, located at 62 Washington Street next to the Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill, NJ. Membership is open to all who are interested in Rocky Hill and its activities, and who wish to experience, sustain and help perpetuate a true “community spirit”.

What Do We Do?

Activities sponsored by the RHCG are selected on the basis of its fundamental purpose to serve the community. Rocky Hill is a unique town with fewer than 700 people, its own Mayor, Post Office and "Main Street". Over the years, the needs of our community have changed, reflecting the growth and changing demographics of the town and surrounding areas. To address some of those needs, the RHCG has over the years:
  • Purchased and renovated the Amy Garrett House as the first public library in Rocky Hill, now used as the “Community House”;
  • Carried out an authentic restoration of the exterior of the Amy Garrett House;
  • Made substantial grants toward construction, expansion and landscaping of the Mary Jacobs Library, a vital contribution not only to Rocky Hill but also to Montgomery Township;
  • Made major financial assistance in the installation of the public tennis courts behind Rocky Hill's Borough Hall;
  • Initiated and conducted studies that resulted in the designation of Rocky Hill as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places;
  • Planned all aspects of and contributed major funding for the playground behind Rocky Hill's Borough Hall;
  • Established and awarded $1,500 scholarships that were awarded to local students;
  • Encourages town beautification through tree planting, landscaping of the Amy Garrett House;
  • Distributes a bimonthly flyer of community events;
  • Preserves manuscripts. photographs, and other archival material related to the history of Rocky Hill and its surrounding areas;
  • Organized and now assists with the 4th of July Parade and Town Picnic;
  • Organizes the Annual Spring Egg Hunt;
  • Provides the Rocky Hill flags along Washington Street;
  • Organizes and hosts the Annual Holiday Party and Tree Lighting Ceremony;
  • Organizes and publicizes annual community-wide garage sale; and,
  • Publishes a Rocky Hill address and telephone book.

The RHCG meets monthly at 7:00 PM in the Amy Garrett House at 62 Washington Street.  Anyone interested in participating in our activities, serving as a Trustee, or learning more about the Community is encouraged to attend.  We offer an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the town of Rocky Hill and its residents, friends, and neighbors.