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Tips, Hints and Resources

The following are a list of links and documents that may provide useful to helping each and everyone of you with your writing skills, CAPT skills, and other tips and hints.
Work Cited Page Help: This document will help you cite books encyclopedias, internet sites and other sources. The internet offers other additional guidelines and if you need further assistance please let me know.

US Presidents: This is the official White House website explaining about the different U.S. Presidents.  This is a great place to find basic information on all of the nation's leaders.

U.S. States Map Game: (Easier) How well do you know the United States?  Test your skills in this fun puzzle game.  Who can get the highest percentage correct in the quickest time?

U.S. States Map Game: (Harder) How well do you know the location of the states?  Place the states in the correct locations.  Who can do it the fastest