You-Jing Lin 林幼菁

Associate Professor, Peking University, Beijing


rgyalrong @ gmail. com


(林幼菁 You-Jing Lin)

Academic Appointments

2015-present Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking U.

2011-2015   Lecturer, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking U.

2009-2011  Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica


2009           Ph.D. in Linguistics

                  University of California, Santa Barbara

                  Dissertation: Units in Zhuokeji rGyalrong Discourse: Prosody and Grammar

                   Advisor: Prof. Carol Genetti

2000-2002   Post-MA Traineeship in Linguistics

                   Academia Sinica

                   Advisors: Prof. Jackson T.-S Sun, Prof. Chiu-yu Tseng

2000            M.A. in Linguistics

                   National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

                   Thesis: Tense, Aspect, and Modality Inflection in the Zhuokeji rGyalrong Verb

                    Advisors: Prof. Kuang Mei, Prof. Jackson T.-S Sun

Research Interests

                           1. Tibeto-Burman languages and fieldwork

                  2. Syntax, morphosyntax

                  3. Acoustic phonetics and phonology

                  4. Linguistic typology

                  5.Discourse analysis, emergent grammar

                  6. Historical linguistics

                  7. Prosody, tone and intonation

Awards & Grants

 2003-2009      Humanity Special Scholarship, University of

                     California, Santa Barbara

                     (including payment of tuition, fees, and health insurance, as well as a stipend of 

                     approximately 17,000 a year) 

 2006-2008      Academia Sinica Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates

                      in the Humanities and Social Sciences

                      (including stipend and research grant, from July 2006-June 2008, by Academia Sinica)

 2006               Humanity/Social Sciences Research Grant, University

                      of California, Santa Barbara

 2003-2005       Ph.D. Study Grant, Fulbright Scholar Programme

 2001                LSA Linguistic Institute Fellowship for Students from


                       by The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing, 

                       Institute of Linguistics of Academia Sinica, and the Linguistic Society of Taiwan

 2000                Li Fang Kuei and Hsu Ying Award

                       by Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica


PhD Dissertation

2009      Units in Zhuokeji rGyalrong Discourse: Prosody and Grammar



Book Section

Lin, You-Jing. 2014. “Thebo”. In Sun, Jackson T. -S. (ed.) Phonological Profiles of Little Studied Tibetic                      Varieties. [Language and Linguistics Monograph Series 55].             

Journal Articles

林幼菁、尹蔚彬、王志。2014。“吕苏语的助动词”(Auxiliaries in Lizu)。民族语文

Lin, You-Jing. 2012. “By no means marginal: Privative tone in Zhuokeji Rgyalrong”. Language and   

               Linguistics语言暨语言学 (SSCI) 13.4: 665-662.

Lin, You-Jing. 2011.      “Perfective and Imperfective from the same source: directional ‘down’ in rGyalrong”,  

                Diachronica 28.1 (SSCI)

Lin, You-Jing; Chen, Alvin; Sun, Jackson T. -S. 2011      蒲西霍爾語軟顎化的語音對立 (Contrastive 

             velarization in Puxi Horpa)”, 與孫天心、陳正賢。語言學論叢

Lin, You-Jing. 2008.       “Syntactic aspects of nominalization in five Tibeto-Burman languages of    

                  the  Himalayan area”, with Carol Genetti, Alec R. Coupe, Ellen Bartee, and Kristine Hildebrandt,

                  Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 31.2, pp. 97-143

Lin, You-Jing; Luo, Erwu. 2003.      茶堡嘉戎語的趨向前綴與動詞詞幹變化 (Orientation prefixes and stem 

                 alternations in Japhug rGyalrong”, 與羅爾武民族語文 (Minzu Yuwen) 4, pp. 19-29

Lin, You-Jing. 2003.   “Tense and aspect morphology in the Zhuokeji rGyalrong verb”, Cahiers 

                  de  Linguistique-Asie Orientale 32.2, pp. 245-286

Lin, You-Jing. 2002        “A dimension missed: East and west in Situ rGyalrong orientation- 

             marking”, Language and Linguistics語言暨語言學 3.1, pp. 27-42


 Translation Work

 2008             語言湧現:發展與演化。王士元編。《語言暨語言學》專刊D-1310頁。英文原版:Wang, 

                       William S-Y ed. 1991. The Emergence of Language: Development and Evolution. Readings 

                       from Scientific American Magazine. 182 pages

Conference or Workshop Papers

2013. “Tense-aspect morphology in Mianning Lizu: A first look”. 发表于《四川境内汉藏语国际研讨会The 

               Workshop on Sino-Tibetan Languages of Sichuan》。主办单位:法国社会科学院 CNRS。会议地 

                点:巴黎 Paris。

2010-b        With Jackson T. –S Sun. ‘Vowel velarization in Puxi Shangzhai’. Paper presented to 2010 

                       Workshop on Tibeto-Burman Languages of Sichuan, Peking University, Beijing, October 29-

                       November 1

2010-a          ‘Converb constructions in Zhuokeji rGyalrong: A first look’. Paper presented to 2010 Workshop 

                       on Tibeto-Burman Languages of Sichuan, Peking University, Beijing, October 29-November 1

2009-b         ‘Intonation in Zhuokeji rGyalrong’. Paper presented to the 42nd International Conference on 

                       Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, Payap University, Chiangmai, November 2-4

2009-a          With Jackson T. –S Sun. ‘Constraints on relativization in rGyalrong: a cross-dialectal 

                       comparison’. Paper presented to the 42nd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages 

                       and Linguistics, Payap University, Chiangmai, November 2-4

2008             ‘Word prosody in Zhuokeji rGyalrong’. Paper presented to Workshop on Tibeto-Burman 

                        Languages in Sichuan, Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, June 27-29

2007              with Jackson T. –S Sun. ‘Constructional variation in rGyalrong relativization: How To Make a 

                        Choice?’ Paper presented to the International Workshop on Relative Clauses, Institute of 

                        Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, November 2-3

2006               ‘From directional to past imperfective: A case from rGyalrong’. Paper presented to the 39th 

                         International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, University of 

                         Washington, Seattle, September 14-17

2005               ‘The transformation of the vertical axis to horizontal: A case study from Sinhala’. Paper 

                         presented to Workshop on Sinhala Linguistics, UC Santa Barbara, June 3-4

2002-b           With Jackson T. –S Sun. ‘Pitch and glottal states in Qiuji Tibetan’. Paper presented to IsCLL-8, 

                         Academia Sinica, November 8-10 2002

2002-a           ‘Phonological profile of Thewo Tibetan’. Paper presented to the 8th Himalayan Languages 

                         Symposium, University of Berne, September 19-22 2002

2001               ‘Tone and pitch-accent in Zhuokeji rGyalrong’. Paper presented to Workshop on Tibeto-

                         Burman Languages, UC Santa Barbara, July 27-29 2001

2000               ‘A dimension missed: east and west in Situ rGyalrong orientation-marking’. Paper presented 

                         at  the 6th Himalayan Languages Symposium, June 15-17, 2000, University of Wisconsin-     

                        Milwaukee, Milwaukee