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29th Annual RGVSA Fall  Conference 

    Registration for Participants, VendorsPresenters is currently open   -->  Click forms for the respective registrations -->

Conference Agenda: If you need an agenda for the conference : Click HERE

Conference Location:

       PSJA High School   ( <-- Click to see it on google maps)           

Conference Update

**Don't let a lack of childcare keep you from attending the conference**

  • Register your child for our K-5 Science Class for a $10 Fee
  • Children will participate in hands on science activities
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided
  • To register : http://goo.gl/ppFpwx
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to contact you to retrieve your child if he/she is causing danger to the other children.
       805 W. Ridge Rd.,  San Juan, Texas -78577.

Conference Date: 

       October 1st 2016

Registration Deadlines and Fees: Participants

       Early Registration       :  Register by September 9th 2016                                             - $ 50 
       Regular Registration  :  Register by Sep 10th - Sep 23rd 2016                                     - $ 60
       Late Registration        :  Register by  Sep 24th - Oct 1st 2016 /onsite registration    - $ 75  

    ** All Cancellations must be made on or before September 23rd, 2016 - No refunds will be made after **

Registration Deadline: Presenters & Vendors

     ** All presenters must complete the presenter form on or before September 27th 2016 **

Conference Program:

    Conference Program will be updated here by Sep 28th 2016  Click here **     

     - We are going green! ( hard copies will not be provided at the conference)

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 for School Districts
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Teacher nominee must be a member of RGVSA