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29th Annual RGVSA Fall  Conference 

    Registration for Participants, VendorsPresenters is currently open   -->  Click forms for the respective registrations -->

Conference Agenda: If you need an agenda for the conference : Click HERE

Conference Location:

       PSJA High School   ( <-- Click to see it on google maps)           

Conference Update

**Don't let a lack of childcare keep you from attending the conference**

  • Register your child for our K-5 Science Class for a $10 Fee
  • Children will participate in hands on science activities
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided
  • To register : http://goo.gl/ppFpwx
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to contact you to retrieve your child if he/she is causing danger to the other children.
       805 W. Ridge Rd.,  San Juan, Texas -78577.

Conference Date: 

       October 1st 2016

Registration Deadlines and Fees: Participants

       Early Registration       :  Register by September 9th 2016                                             - $ 50 
       Regular Registration  :  Register by Sep 10th - Sep 23rd 2016                                     - $ 60
       Late Registration        :  Register by  Sep 24th - Oct 1st 2016 /onsite registration    - $ 75  

    ** All Cancellations must be made on or before September 23rd, 2016 - No refunds will be made after **

Registration Deadline: Presenters & Vendors

     ** All presenters must complete the presenter form on or before September 27th 2016 **

Conference Program:

    Conference Program will be updated here by Sep 28th 2016  Click here **     

     - We are going green! ( hard copies will not be provided at the conference)

Looking for Past conferences, click HERE


 for School Districts
Click link, Select File, Download

Nominations are now Open

Teacher nominee must be a member of RGVSA