YaFGen 1.1 - Yet Another Fractal Generator

UPDATE, August 29th, 2007:

Version 1.1 released, with lots of new features!


Yes, I know, there are hundreds of programs out there to generate beautiful and stunning images of Fractals.


But only one is written by me!  ;-) 

What is it?



Project Homepage (at Google Code)


    User Documentation

    YaFGen Application

What Is YaFGen? 

YaFGen is an acronym, and stands for Yet Another Fractal Generator. It generates images, based on mathematical formulas. For more information about fractals, refer to wikipedia.
It was developed by me, using NetBeans and the Java programming language.


Why Another Fractal Generator?   

If you do some research on the web, you will find _lots_ of applications that generate images of fractals. Some are well maintained and have an active community, others are pretty outdated.

So why did I write _another_ one? Well, to put it in simple words, there are two reasons:

  • I am fascinated by fractals, and as a typical software engineer, I have to implement my own tool!  ;-)
  • I always wanted to publish an open source program. Java is the programming language I know best, so there you are!

I hope you find YaFGen useful. But of course, I cannot 'beat' (and never intended to!) more advanced and sophisticated applications (like XaoS, for instance).

New Features in Version 1.1 

  • New fractal type called “Manowar”
  • Only one jar-file needed now (before an additional lib-directory was required) 
  • After zoomin in/out, the drawing starts automatically 
  • Load and save parameters in a file
  • Save image in a file (jpeg or png)
  • Choose from 4 different color sets 
  • Improvements in user interface (menus, menu shortcuts, visual indication that it's still drawing/calculating, "About" dialog)
  • fixed bug "refresh table IFS" and others 

Planned Features for Later Releases

  •  Applet version
  • Mac optimized version (menu styles, dialogs, ...)
  • Animations
  • Antialiasing 
  • Additional fractal types 

Where Can I Get The Software From?

From the YaFGen home page or at the Google Code YaFGen project page.