Self Perpetuating Evolution

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Self Perpetuating Evolution

Learn, Grow, Thrive, Evolve

Faith and Evolution;
The Keys to Personal Evolution and the Kingdom Ahead
By; Robert E. Gebbie

 Evolution is commonly described as a process of continuous
change from a lower to a higher state. In human evolution it is
often the genetic stages of change that are commonly thought
of, such as the physical development from primitive to modern
man. Perhaps our spiritual and intellectual evolution are also tied
to the forward and ever changing progress of humanity as we
journey from what we once were to what we will become. Most
religious and spiritual ideals center on the belief of living our
lives in a manner that allows us, on death, to transcend from the
physical form to the ethereal. Perhaps like Humanity’s genetic
and intellectual development, our spiritual journey has also been
an evolutionary process of several thousand years, a progression
of lessons leading to the present day. As our genetic progress
changes the physical body, and the sciences change mankind’s
perceptions and understandings, so should our personal spirituality
develop as well.

Some of the key principals that have helped me grow and become
the individual I am today can be simple in their concept,
but nearly impossible in their execution. To look deeply within
ourselves with honesty, and face the best and worst aspects of
one’s self is never an easy endeavor.

The Keys

1. Honesty with self
2. Forgiveness of self
3. Evaluation of self
4. Strive to improve on self
5. Move on

Be Honest; only when you can be completely truthful
with yourself can you remove obstacles from your Future Path.
We often create false memories of experiences to justify actions
or mask emotions. We may also re-arrange the events
and experiences of our history to justify or avoid present day
moral conflicts. Take responsibility for yourself in both thought
and action. Accept that no one is perfect and that no person is
always right or justified in the choices of their past. Eliminate
the walls between the truth and the lies you can create to protect
yourself from the emotions you fear to examine. Break
down the barriers that block you from who you truly are.

Forgive yourself; allow the failures of your past to be
the lessons which build your future. Learn from poor choices,
allow yourself to let go of the things you cannot change. Remove
the burden of guilt, regret and missed opportunities, by
forgiving yourself for not meeting your own expectations.
When you hold on to the mistakes and poor judgments of your
past, you add obstacles to your future journey, and a larger
load of unresolved emotions to the weight you bear. Clear
away the inner conflicts of your history and approach the future
without the prejudices and burdens that your life experiences
have caused.

Evaluate Often; be willing to adapt and adjust to the
continually changing landscape of life. As you grow, your perspectives
and expectations will alter. A frequent assessment of
where you stand with yourself makes it much easier to determine
the next step in becoming who you wish to be. Take
every opportunity to re-center yourself on your goals and the
path ahead of you. The better you know who you are, the
more successful you will be in achieving positive growth.

Strive to improve; make a true and honest effort
to grow and evolve. The reason for personal development
is to become a greater you tomorrow than you
are today. Be open to new ideas and concepts, you
can spend a great amount of time and effort maintaining
outdated ideas. Evolution itself means change in a
positive manner, and to effect growth you must be
open to accept and adapt to new information. Make a
sincere commitment and take personal action in following
a course that leads to a greater you.

Move on; build on both the positive and negative
experiences that will occur in your journey forward.
Allow every moment to be a chance to make
positive change in you. You can make the decision, at
any moment in your life, to be a greater and better
Human in your future than you have been in your past.
Leave your history behind and move on in your journey
forward. Continue striving to become the Human
you aspire to be.

After many years of applying this process again and again,
constantly placing the burden of accountability and responsibility
upon my own shoulders for the direction of my life, I had
an epiphany. In my attempt to simply be a better individual
and live up to my own personal expectations and truth, I accidentally
opened a doorway that changed everything I thought I
knew or believed. I now have a peace and happiness in my
life that I have never known before. Because of my personal
revelations, my wife and I now lead our lives by the philosophies
and understandings that we gained from this experience.

Focus on Your Future
By; Robert E. Gebbie

 Every process, including life, has three stages; a beginning, a
middle, and an ending. Relative to the journey of life, these steps
might represent our past, present and future. Yesterday is behind
us, today is here, but tomorrow presents endless possibilities.

Experience – The Past

 The road of life can be an interesting journey, our experiences
become tools for learning, or roadblocks stalling our progress. Events
and people influence our lives, everyday. The impact of a negative
situation can take years to overcome, or an instant to move past.
Strive to understand the effect the past has, are there issues of pride,
confidence, or emotion that remain unresolved and slow your

Action – The Present

 Decisions made today define the direction we travel tomorrow.
Take action now; make the decision to move forward in yourself and
your life. The destination is yours to choose. Steps made toward
personal growth today may yield the rewards you see tomorrow.

Result – The Future

 Ahead can be a landscape of possibilities, or a narrow path obstructed
with many obstacles. When we define ourselves and grow
from our experiences, the future can present a world of possibilities.

 Learn from the past, use that knowledge today and it will lead to
the accomplishments ahead. History may dictate who we are by experiences
we have had, but it does not command the person we may
become. Each new day can be approached as an adventure awaiting
our discovery, or a chore we would rather avoid. The journey of
growth can be a long and personal one, but when striven for and not
labored after, the results can be amazing.

Controlling Your Future
By; Robert E. Gebbie

We are the result of our experiences both good and bad. There
are numerous factors that create the people we become in life. Some
of these events we have direct influence on or control over, while others
are a matter of timing and fate. Everyone, each person in this
world, has an individual perspective and their own unique story to tell.
From the lucky and successful, to the disaster ridden and misfortunate,
every path has a personal amount of choice and its own measure
of the unexpected.

The degree of influence an individual takes over the direction of
his or her own life is a choice in itself. There will always be an element
of the unknown, but many times the outcome and results can be
changed with some effort. Take the lead in deciding which path your
journey will follow. Participate in the decisions that determine your
destiny. With drive and persistence, an individual can accomplish their
dreams and be the architect and builder of their own future.

Know what you want:

Have a destination for your vision, know what it is you wish to accomplish.
When a person defines their dreams, they create goals and
clarify the directions in which they want their efforts to lead. Every
journey has a desired end and provides an objective for the individual
to strive for.

From long term career ambitions to a short-term desire for lunch,
when you know what you want, it is much easier to find a means of
making the wish become a reality. The clearer and more defined you
make your vision, the simpler it is to find a path to those dreams.
Having a target to aim for, an individual can then focus their talent,
passion and drive to achieve accomplishments that would otherwise
seem impossible.

Make a plan:

Now that you have an end desire, it is time to find the means to
get there. Outline a plan and create a process with steps to follow and
benchmarks to be accomplished. Write it down! Make note of the key
factors involved, and the steps you must take to achieve your goal.
With a defined path you can measure progress and make assessments
or choices about how best to accomplish your goals.

Personal or career pursuits find a much smoother means to success
when there is a strong strategy providing the materials to build
with. Small achievements rapidly develop into greater accomplishments
when they are part of a larger whole. Similar to building a wall,
each brick set in place becomes part of a bigger structure.

Take action:

Little has ever been achieved without taking action. Action is the
force that creates results. Desires become reachable ambitions when
a person makes the choice to direct their own course in following their
dreams. Individuals have the ability to create opportunity in their lives
when they take charge and become the masters of their destiny.

Often it is the manner that people approach their lives, which creates
the fulfillment or disappointment of their wants and wishes. Everyone
has the power to accomplish change in his or her life. With patience
and perseverance, individuals can make great progress at
achieving their goals. Every day presents an opportunity to grow and
expand your understanding of yourself and of the world around you.
Impossible dreams become reachable achievements when people take
charge of the direction their lives lead.

How will you leave your mark?
By; Robert E. Gebbie

We spend our lives with too much self involvement, getting mired
in the small details without ever viewing the larger great works being
created right in front of us. When a person drops the veils and misconceptions
that have been presented as a reality, and allow themselves
to accept the things they know within to be true and right, a new
awareness and vision emerge. For me, the path was open to find the
answers I seek.

The purpose of life, in my opinion, is to continually strive to better
ourselves and our understanding of the world around us. To be true to
our purpose and move forward, ever growing and evolving in who we
as a species have become. To one day evolve beyond the barriers of
this world and move forward into an existence of spirit or energy beyond
our current abilities.

As a species, we have been passing forward the sum of our learning
and existence to the generations that come after us. Through the
works left behind, from cave paintings to written word, we express our
perspectives and understandings to anyone and everyone who will take
notice. We are creatures of expression, needing to make our mark and
be recognized. The human race has been on a long and difficult journey
in understanding our place in creation. The messages created of
our concepts and ideas have been recorded through history in art and
writing and in our ever growing forms of expression. We seek with
hope and faith while trying to understand with science and philosophy,
and in everything we do we cry out to say “I am.”

With expression, we communicate and mix our experiences and
perspectives to an overall greater truth and knowledge. Exploring life,
we add our chapter to a larger and continually expanding manuscript
of human existence. We crave acknowledgement for the things that
have been accomplished, to be understood and leave a mark on history.
As a race, we strive to become something better than we are as
individuals. Creating, and becoming creators ourselves. Making an
honorable, lasting impression on the universe, and perhaps time itself.
Faith in a greater purpose gives people the desire to strive for better,
while evolution and reason define the details of our learning along this

The human race has great curiosity and imagination, we
dream of things both real and of fantasy. In every fragment of
our essence we crave to be the masters of our own destinies and
the creators of our future. Reaching into the depths of our individuality
as well as out to the stars in an attempt to answer the
questions of our existence and place in everything.

We are the only creatures I know who spend their entire lives
documenting and recording themselves, in millions of forms and
in millions of ways we say I am, was and have been, I must leave
my mark, I creator, see what I have done. So Create! Take a
photograph, draw a picture, write a line, sculpt, build, design,
teach or communicate. Create, invent and imagine because that
is what it means to be human and for all of us I might even
speculate that this is the true meaning of life, and the answer to
everything we are, to leave our mark, to be remembered.

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