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Self Perpetuating Evolution

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S.P.E. or self perpetuating evolution is an idea that encompasses a process for both universal and self discovery. A system of learning and growth which stems from the singular individual while also adding to a larger and greater collective of knowledge. The idea incorporates the internal elements of mind, body and soul while also seeking to understand the effects of all the external forces of reality that exist. It is, in essence, everything.  All that is, all that has been and the endless flow of possibilities that could be.

The keys to Personal Evolution and things to come!!!!

The Nutshell; Why?


After years of seeking to resolve the many conflicts deep within myself, which seemed to block me from finding peace or contentment, I had an amazing experience. I have always been the type of man who has never been satisfied with himself. I always found fault in my own decisions and actions. I pulled responsibility on myself, rather than placing blame on others or the world around me, even when the situation was completely outside my influence or control. This self imposed condition caused me to often over-think or plan even the most uncontrollable and minute possibilities that could occur. Analyzing and forecasting the infinite number of chain events or reactions that could develop from the utterance of a single word. Ever-comparing the facts I could define against history, and all the knowledge I had acquired in my life.

    This, as can be imagined, caused me to constantly re-evaluate myself, always altering and adjusting my perspectives to improve upon what I perceived as flaws within me. Mountains of guilt and regret accumulated on my shoulders, often for things that were never my responsibility to bear. Then one evening, my wife, who has been a great catalyst for my personal growth, said something to make me stop. I had to reconsider the truth between the things I represented myself to be, and how I truly felt within me.

Honesty and truth; two things people seem to hide, even from themselves, reality in its purest form. I spent several hours unburdening the falsehoods and contradictions that life, and the influence of society, had imposed upon me. I accepted the truth of whom and what I was, and as I relinquished the last lies and self justifications of my life, my knees gave way and I collapsed to the floor. My mind spun inwardly, the entire world disappearing, as I saw before me the universe in all its wonder. I found myself gliding among stars and saw the threads that connect all things to each other.

I can only speculate about what truly happened to me, and even now, years later, will only talk about some aspects of what I now believe because of this experience. It changed my life and my reality; I found meaning in myself and discovered my place in creation, I found peace. I will spend the rest of my life on this earth continuing to try and understand the epiphany I had and the understandings it left me.

I have come to believe that spirituality, knowledge and genetics, combined, form the real basis for our forward growth and evolution. That humanity was meant for a much greater purpose than the path we currently follow. And that we, each of us as individuals, can break past the obstacles that hold us back from a much greater existence.

Not everyone will achieve the personal epiphany that I did. But with the knowledge of how I took these steps myself, you may be able to come closer to your own peace.

Self Perpetuating Evolution. -------











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Robert Gebbie,
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